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Type: Golden jasmine flowers rolled , ?between jada billas


Venis:?(Top portion of ?poolajada)
Jasmine veni- 1
Rose petal veni with gold flowers in between -1
Extra venis are charged extra price

Jada billas- 9
Jasmine flowers tied little apart (so that weight of poolajada is not heavy) will be given sufficient for rolling on hair.
Hair Extension(savaram) and Jada kuppulu/ kunjal not included in price of poolajada and has to be bought separately

Notes about?Freshness?:
1. Jasmine withers faster compared to Rose petals, Gold painted jasmine stay fresh for long
2. Red Rose veni and Violet Orchid veni stay fresh for longer
3. Pink, peach and Yellow venis edges get black due to moisture absorption and thats normal
4. Orange flowers are light orange in color
5. Blue and Green are natural flowers colored with artificial dye which doesnt stick to hair
6. Poolajada stays maximum of 6-8 hrs fresh after wearing in Air conditioned function hall

Please mention
1. Veni colors in comments when you order
2. Your height.

Storage Instructions:
1. Store fresh flower poolajada box in refrigerator crisper (where?vegetables are stored) not in **freezer (where ice is made)
2. Fresh flower Poolajada stays fresh for maximum?3?days if refrigerated under 10-20 Deg C, but we recommend you use?it as soon as possible

Poolajada delivery to be planned atleast 4 hours before the make-up time.


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