The Saga of Eco-friendly products at Pellipoolajada.

Pellipoolajada has always been corroborative to promote Eco-Friendly products. We believe in promoting the sustainable standard of living where there is little to no harm to the Earth’s environment. Our efforts are often driven towards  conserving the Mother Nature.

Today we bring you exclusive assemblage of our Eco-Friendly products where we take a pride in its making and promoting.

Poolajada is deeply rooted in our traditions and cultures. It is believed to bring lots of positivity. The joy of wearing a poolajada and the fresh ambience it brings to the occasion is beyond words.

In Pellipoolajada we have a wide range of designs where there are no artificial colors used and no metal billas are used. Here is one of our vibrant and charming indulgence of Eco-Friendly and trendy Poolajada.

Floral Jewelry is one of our most in-demand products. The jubilation of the bride-to-be to shine bright on her haldi ceremony blended with our Eco-Friendly Floral Jewellery  is a feast to the eyes of the spectators. We have an exemplary collection where there are no plastic beads and no artificial colors used. This is quite an achievement of our team.

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The amalgam of Hindu religious rituals and the garlands needs no introduction. Each ritual begins with offering the garlands to the diety.

Also, the couple in their wedding exchange their garlands as a part of acceptance as partners for life. Pellipoolajada have put in their efforts to create an unique and Eco-Friendly range of garlands where there are no laces and plastic bells used.

It is believed that a bride carrying KobbariBondam to the mandap is carrying the Lord’s blessing along with her to start a new phase in her life, with the blessings from God. This ritual carries an immense eminence in Telugu weddings.

We at Pellipoolajada wanted to bring a prominent impression of this ritual by our Eco-Friendly Kobbari Bondam where there are no plastic beads and no metal billas used, while also not compromising on the intricate design of the product.

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Coconut leaf trays are one of our personal favorites these can be used as ring trays, engagement trays and also as return gifts. These trays can be modified according to the interests of the client. The eco-friendly trays are one of our signature products that captivates ones attentions with our intelligent craftiness and detailed contemporary design.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our Eco-friendly products. Do let us know in the comments below.

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Blog by : Geetha Balamurugan