Stunning moment when cute-ness meets blossom-ness!! Yep, it’s Kids edition of our products.

The feeling of contentment when we see our tiny humans running all around dolled-up with fresh floral embellishments is beyond the words! By adding the flowers to their joy we are not only elevating their momentous fashion style but also introducing them to our traditions which are deeply associated with flowers.

Pellipoolajada brings you trendy and fashionable floral accessories designed for your bundle of joys. So let’s begin the expedition to the galore of fresh floral kids’ products.

The modern veni curated with multicolored florals complement the whole look of the tiny tot, just the cutest way as possible.

We can’t take our eyes off this adorable sweetie pie adorning our quite famous netted poolajada in style and savor.

The enchanting charisma of this lovely kiddo is absolutely captivating. The fresh  floral jewellery  and the mud pot adds an angelistic and an exclusive charm .

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Vintage poolajada got more daintier with this little one embracing it gracefully while bringing her A-game to the fashion front.

The ambrosial warmth of affection kindled up between the bro and sis while they’re cuddled up in our premium fresh floral garlands.

The cute little tiny tot probably awestruck with the grandiose of the nature whilst she beholds the part of nature i.e fresh floral tiara.

The enthralling elegance of this sister-duo is quite appealing with their complementing  poolajadas enhancing their persona and their wittiness.

The fascinating beaming aurora of floral crown perched on the hair flair emblazons the surrealistic styling intelligence.

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A generous splash of baby breath flowers and the veni crowns adds a sensuous of delight to your little one’s modernistic styling approach.

The tike in our Fresh floral garland and the floral tiara is too adorable with the ambience of gleaming cuteness.

The tiny tot’s giggles and chuckles are all the part of this scintillating floral jewellery crafted with detailed art work with a dash of prettiness.

Did you smell a fresh breath of florals and giggles while reading this blog? We are drenched in this cuteness of kid’s floral expedition. Do let us know which one left you with “Awwwww” in the comments below.

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Blog by : Geetha Balamurugan