Classy! Elegant! And Comfy! A.K.A “Hair-Bun”, Voila!! Here are “10 – Floral Hair-Bun” ideas.

Hair-Bun can never run out of style and comfort. In the harsh summers of India and for the on-the-go busy-bees we’ve got you exclusive and cozy floral hair-do ideas. For someone who want to look chic! And don’t want to compromise on the styling element; hair-buns will remain a potent choice. While you’ve multitude of hair-bun choices we at pellipoolajada have brought you just the right flowers for every discrete hair-bun. Let’s plunge into the galore of simplicity yet so sophisticated dapper floral hair-buns.

Each strand of hair has a sense of character and we are adding our floral flair of nandhivardhanam flowers with a hint of baby breath flowers to your persona for your grace is unfathomable.

Who said that jewelry isn’t for hair?! here at pellipoolajada we are rewriting the history by adding the temple-jewellery pendants and flowers to your hair-bun to illustrate the finesse of your choice and comfort.

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Do you want to add a modern twist to your traditional hair-bun? Then modern flowers are the answer. The braided twirls with crown of contemporary flowers divulge us in the rustic style of floral art.

The Oomph factor of the woven bun with matching floras hits the right note on every rhythm of hair-follicle music.

The retro floral hair-bun style complemented with Rakodi ensembles a profound soothing and calming charisma.

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The radiant baby rose buds in the gorgeous cluster of Baby breath flowers brings the wholeness of charming quintessence of full floral hair-bun.

Our netted Poolajada is quite a hit and we did try a fusion with the hair-bun and it turned out to be pleasant in all its uniqueness adding its own persona to the poise of the possessor.

Wearing the hair as your accessory is attainable with this stylish-doughnut bun the floral hangings give an appealing detailing while the floral crown carries a character of its own.

3-Step veni bun with rakodi is a whole grandeur transformation of a simple hair bun to the luxurious self-pampering, exploring the relaxed yet definitive charm.

The unique low-messy bun got more fascinating by adding the intriguing 2-layers of flowers complementing the flair illustration of hair-bun.

Do let us know which floral hair-bun has left you impressed in comments below. Keep checking this space for more exciting content. To order these flowers in South India & USA Contact-us.

Blog by : Geetha Balamurugan