Trending floral Jewelry Inspo for Maternity Shoots!!

One of our most loved product sections in our catalogue is undoubtedly the floral jewelry. Be it Haldi/ Mehendi/ Managalasnanam, our clients love our floral jewelry to celebrate some of their most special days. However,floral jewelry is not just for brides. We have a new occasion alert to rock our floral jewelry like a Boss and that is a Maternity shoot!!

We all know how much floral tiaras are a part of today’s maternity photo shoots. Well, the floral jewelry is just taking it one step ahead- bigger and better. Instead of using a fake flower tiara, you could opt for some fresh flower jewelry and the best part is, you could rather choose Indian Ethnic wear comfortably to celebrate our culture. Still in Doubt? Wait till we drop the pictures to see how Pelli poola Jada mom styled the floral jewelry.

First stop is this beautiful mommy who chose a very intricate spring inspired floral jewelry collection and we love how the floral pieces compliment the ensemble.

We did take some major inspiration from the Marathi Dohale Jevan which translates to Baby Shower and it’s a tradition that the mom wears floral jewelry for the event swapping out the regular jewelry and we are totally in love with the idea.

Also there are so many variations you can create with the sets that the options are truly endless. Here is a mommy who swapped out a traditional waist belt for a hip belt which is absolutely more comfortable and stylish in this scenario.

These floral jewelry sets would also make an excellent accessory during your Mehendi for Baby shower. It’s an effortless way to carry your event with ease.

Also, we could always customize your floral jewelry to any style/pattern you made need and to fit within your budget.

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Blogger – Poojitha