The significance of Kobbari Bondam in weddings is beyond the words. We at Pellipoolajada have exclusively picked our 10-most elegant and quirky poses of our brides with the Kobbari Bondam. Every bride dreams of having an exquisite wedding and we are on your side to bring this absoluteness on your “The day”. So let’s not wait further and dive in to have a look at these stances that make a styling statement.

Pallakilo Pellikuturu does gives us the vintage vibes of “Royalty”. The glittery Kobbari Bondam in the bride’s hand dazzles like a diamond as her smile radiates the shine which shimmers that diamond. We call it “Royalty redefined”!!

We did mention quirky and this bride stands up to all the quirkiness quite literally!! Kobbari Bondam complements her nine yards of grace and the pink border elevates her look. We call it “Quirkiness Redefined”!!

Pelli Pandiri is all decked up with the gleamy smile of the bride making a stunning entry holding  the Kobbari Bondam. Her scintillating smile and the retrofit Kobbari Bondam bedazzles the arena with elegance. We call it “Elegancy Redefined”!!

PelliButta elevates the whole appearance and you can seize the moment with that hazy beaming smile of yours that glistens the Kobbari Bondam which imprints an unique grace. This bride has definitely stepped up her game. We call it “Grace Redefined”.

Thera Chaatu Pellikooturu carries a smile which fills our day with joy, we feel elated when the reason for the smile originates from our specially curated Kobbari Bondam!! Doesn’t it look like she is cradling the Bondam gently! We call it “Nurturing Redefined”!!

Well we could go on and on with our poetic verses and even then we could never be enough with our delightful illustration of these wonderful portraits!! So, we conclude it here and leave you all with the remaining stunners.

Do let us know which pose stole your heart!! Quirky or Elegant!

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Blog by – Geetha