Your hairstyle is one of the major things which define your style statement. As someone rightly said that ‘The hair is the crown that you never take off ‘, it surely plays an important role in adding charm to your final look on your special day.

While we at pelli poola jada specialise in the whole art of Bridal poola jada, Let’s also agree that a poola jada is not your only option to flaunt your bridal hairstyle. So, today on the blog, let us discuss braids that add a ton of charm to your big day featuring florals from Pelli Poola Jada.

There are many brides who want the traditional bridal hair while keeping the whole hair styling simple. This first braid is exactly that. A simple 4 strand braid without the jada kunjalam and a beautiful delicate white orchid veni to top off the whole look. A perfect mix of both traditional and contemporary elements, this is definitely our top contender this season.

What do we even say about the choke hold that baby breath flowers have on women over the past couple of years! The love for these flowers is truly never ending . The light weight and the airiness of these floral make is very easy to work with while providing a very chic braid which is great for outfits with a contemporary touch. Choosing a unique silhouette for your ceremony? We promise baby breath is the way to go!!

Never ever underestimate the power of what the simple chrysanthemums can do. This two line bunch of sunset chrysanthemums with baby breath fillers make for a statement braid effortlessly. So simple to assemble and yet surely a look to behold!

Can we ever talk about fancy braids and not include orchids? Definitely no!! These vibrant florals and their beauty is appreciated by everyone. This ensemble of orchids and green dyed baby breath is so stunning that it definitely calls for an extra long pause to appreciate the beauty.

We did save the best for the last. If you are looking for a fuss free hairstyle with florals, this clip style set is just about right. Simple and bright in the evergreen color of hot pink, this set is easy to fix and gives a sophisticated look effortlessly. As many of our other floral sets, the colors on this design can also be customised according to client needs.

What is your favourite of all? We would love to know it. If you are looking to place an order for any of our pelli poola jada products, all you need to do is DM us and we will get back to you shortly.

Blog : Poojitha