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You all might have already guessed today’s topic from the title and we are as excited as you to introduce this recent wedding accessory which is trending all over. Maggam work net jada. Sounds interesting right?

When we look back into the history of maggam craftsmanship, it has definitely been around for centuries, However its descent to the south and especially the irreplaceable jodi of maggam work and South silks has only happened over the past decade.

Now, here we are in an era where we cannot imagine our silks blouses being bare, that is how much we love our maggam craftsmanship. While this handwork has definitely spread to various items like bangles, kids hairbands and other accessories. The Jada itself is a new concept which enticed everyone . The light weight of this jada is also a major factor why many brides are all upvoting for this jada. The final looks of the brides with this super intricate jada got a huge nod of approval from everyone, unanimously we must say. Well, who knew something so simple could make everyone go swooning. Alas, here we are with this unique looking jada and we have curated a few of our most favourite looks with Maggam work jada and our Signature venis for your inspiration this week.

First comes an all white and gold classic for a muhurtam look. Everything about this look screams perfection and we especially love the Heirloom Rakodi in the center for those vintage vibes.

Definitely a 110/100 for this Baby shower theme jada.Such an intricate jada with all the right jewels tones to match the saree. The wrapped flower veni with little krishna in the center is definitely the highlight of this look. How apt for a traditional seemantham?

Next ,we have two brides in classic reds, slaying in maggam jada and Pellipoola jada signature Bridal venis. While they are both very different and unique at the same time, the inspiration they provide today is endless.

Which one did you like of all? Do let us know in the comment section!! Until then, watch this space for more wedding inspiration and we hope to see you soon.

Blogger: Poojitha