This year is really special for Pelli Poola Jada for a number of reasons. But the major one of all is we reached the 10 year milestone for our oh so humble beginning. As we reflect upon the past decade, we are immensely grateful to our patrons who made us a part of their special moments and extremely proud of our team who collectively made Pelli Poola Jada a power team.

As a part of the celebration, we decided to reminisce about the beauty of retro poola jadas and asked our followers to send us their childhood pictures sporting a poola jada and the response was overwhelming. It made our hearts melt and bought back the sweet fragrance of nostalgia from the past. And it’s only fair to showcase those poola jadas with the signature vintage styling.

The sweet smile of this girl in the picture is certainly contagious. Her Poola Jada certainly draws the attention next. We love how the flowers are chosen and arranged to perfectly match her outfit. Also the pattu pavadai in jewels tones and rettai pettu borders are strikingly the 80’s style.

We cannot help ourselves without saying out an ‘awww!!’ for this innocent childhood picture. The innocence in this picture definitely speaks volumes. Beautiful malli poo jadai with the cute little baby doll dress is definitely our daily dose of serotonin.

We probably only ever praised Andal and her beauty during margazhi, but this photo is everything we could visualize Andal as. The Poo Jadai with andal kondai and the parrot on the shoulder is -well, words fail us here.aWe can definitely feel a divine spark in this picture and we can’t help but wonder the effort that went into creating this frame worthy picture.

If you ever had siblings or cousins, you for sure know that pelli poola jada would be a family affair and no one’s ever missing on that. Here is a trio of 3 beautiful little girls wearing poola jada and them standing height wise while focusing on the picture is just so heartwarming. And can we give a special mention to the matching outfits of all of them?

Poola Jadas are definitely our love but poola jada with mogali rekulu always wins. It’s a rarity to find these precious mogali rekulu and it’s even more rare to find a poola jada made using them. This picture deserves a 1000 points just for the uniqueness of the Jada.

This picture  certainly explores how poola jada has evolved over the years and so does the styling of kids. Those deep kohl eyes paired with jewelry and a gown are definitely noteworthy. We cannot explain why but this look in our opinion is put together perfectly.

This one picture certainly made us speechless. We probably only heard about yesteryear brides and their styling, but to see the beauty in simplicity is beyond enthralling. Not just the Pelli poola jada, but the vintage saree with all the stunning heirloom jewelry and tying it all together into a bridal look is simply magical. We wish we could go back in time to see the glory in real life.

Here are more pictures of the beautiful entries we received as a part of the contest. Don’t forget to check them out and leave us a comment below and let us know which one is your favorite.