Every time we write about kids poola jada options, we receive a ton of inquiries. There is something magical about poola jada, that it has turned into a beautiful tradition of donning little girls with it at least once a year. While the traditional poola jada needs a lot of time and skill and the poola jada itself being heavy, inhibits the ability to freely move around, here are some poola jada options for your little hurricanes ,so that you can create beautiful long lasting memories.

The most popularΒ  option of all is certainly the net poola jada. The versatility of this creation needs no introduction. Super lightweight, easy to put on and allows free movement for all age groups. Top it off with your favorite veni or choose from our wide selection to match your outfit and viola! Event ready poola jada in a matter of minutes.

Modern doesn’t always mean losing your roots. Though most pelli poola jada designs are basically simple deconstructed versions of the traditional poola jada, our love for those vintage designs is not lost. Presenting to you one such design in the jada billa style which reminds all of us of the yesteryear styles of poola jada.

Who doesn’t like dressing up their little girl as shakuntala? Here is one jada made in white and pastel pink for our little girl and the pearl string detailing is what gives this jada an added sparkle.

While the options to explore with poola jada are endless, here are some designs which Β definitely stand out from the rest. This orchid poola jada is definitely a unique stunner for a couple of reasons.White orchids with gold is an elegant combination and a touch of pink in this jada to match the outfit of our little client ties it all together. Also, take a note that this jada is designed without a veni to make it comfortable for theΒ  kids.

The last one is our favorite, A gold baby breath jada. Baby breath flowers are extremely light weight while giving a fuller look. This makes it a top choice for kids poola jada and this particular jada has been studded with yellow and pink flowers to match the outfit perfectly.

Which is your favorite from the list? Do let us know in the comments and if you have any questions or enquiries on how to order Pelli Poola Jada products, DM us and we will respond to you shortly.

Blogger: Poojitha