Photographs are all that we look back to, to reminisce the beautiful memories of your special day. Good pictures are a memorable keepsake and every photograph from the wedding day is a mini tale in itself. While the number of average photographs/ bridal portraits are much more than what they were a decade ago, the classic poses remain the same. Today we are talking about the famous melimusugu shot.

Melimusugu or the bridal Veil is an iconic wedding accessory for the brides of telugu states. While the customary use of the veil was to cover the face of the bride, it has now evolved as a beautiful complimenting accessory to the traditional kanchivarams. Contemporary Veils are now made of sheer, lightweight fabrics to give a soft glow and a lot of flow to the  wedding attire. The best part though is that you could still show off your jeweler and hair while still adorning the veil. It is the best of both worlds.

Today we have compiled a few  bridal shots of our very own Pelli poola Jada brides, who nailed the bridal veil look while sporting the traditional jada. So take a look at those.

A gold veil is such a neutral tone for meli musugu and is as classic as it can get . An aqua green saree, a deep red jada and a gold veil , the combination is as unique as it can get.

I don’t think we will ever get a better styling for a meli musugu as the one shown in the picture. The saree, and veil match the jadA so perfectly, like that one last missing piece of puzzle. Just like it’s meant to be. We can’t help but admire this Bride’s thoughtful styling.

You know we would talk about this one design in every blog and still it never gets old. Yup, the floral Jaal jada and the fresh perspective to look at it from a bridal veil, makes us love it a little more today.

Our kemp stone jada too has a cult following and for obvious reason, it is surely one of our most favorites in the meli musugu shot. This picture doesn’t even do enough justice to the beauty that this jada actually is.

Hope you filled your cup of wedding inspiration for this week. Catch us back on this space for more such wedding inspiration

Blogger: Poojitha