People can never get enough of mangalasnanam looks and we totally get it. The splashes of turmeric water and the gentle trickle of water from a strainer creates beautiful pictures and of course memories which gives an instant boost of happy hormones. So naturally, these pictures and the looks associated with them seem to be top on our trending charts.

Β This week, we are back again, with another dose of mangalasnanam looks featuring our flower jewelry creations and we cannot wait to give more inspiration for your D day look.

Chandelier style of jewelry is one of the most classic style of jewelry from the Victorian era and of course we had to take it as an inspiration for creating something the pelli poola jada way. The design style mixed with the classic white and red Indian florals is as evergreen as it can get.

We have to feature our jasmine jaal in all its glory, now almost like a ritual. This signature pelli poola jada design has always been a hot cake ever since our inception and we do not see it going out of style anytime soon.

Have you ever considered floral jewelry in garland style? Well, we turned that imagination into a reality and we totally see it’s potential. Unlike the regular floral jewelry which is considerably delicate, this style is sturdy, fuller in look and can undoubtedly withstand all the masti at your mangalasnanam.

Next to gold and diamonds, rubies and emeralds are the girl’s best friends. The love for ruby and emerald beads is never ending and so we definitely took the inspiration from the jewel tones to create this beautiful set. Inspired by the color of the deep red rubies, this set is as unique as it can get.

The option to create unique jewelry with floral jaal designs are endless. As shown here we take a moment to show off our choker style necklace, and waist belt exclusively made of flowers.

We surely love brides who choose offbeat colors and this bride is no exception. A little hatke from the regular yellow and red, the green and yellow combo is a refreshing set of colors to embrace this wedding season.

Hope you all enjoyed the blog today. If you like any of these designs, please drop us a message and we will get back to you shortly to answer your queries. Until then, stay tuned to this space for more such wedding inspiration.

Blogger: Poojitha