They say ‘we take photographs as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone’. And, when it comes to wedding photographs they are like a time machine to take you back to the most significant moment of your life. No matter how trivial/ simple a wedding photograph may look now, all of them will keep giving you little epiphanies throughout your life. So make sure you have all the details  of you big day captured.

While your wedding look is a cherished memory, your hair style also deserves the special attention. How else would your future daughter take reference for her wedding inspiration?  It is important to create memories not just for you but for your next generation to hold on to and let’s just say today we are a lil’ biased about Pelli Poola Jada creations. Here are some of our brides and their wedding  pictures of the pelli poola jada on their big day for your inspiration. Without further ado , let’s hop right in.

Gone are the days where poola jada pictures meant standing against the mirror and taking a vertical shot.However in the current generation,Pelli Poola Jada shot during gowri pooja is preferred and candid in comparison to others.

First stop is this beautiful bride with rose petal jada billa style jada and not to miss the signature 5 step veni. This shot taken during her pooja is truley a candid and its sheer perfection.

How can we do a photo series without the floral jaal? of course not and we are totally swooning over this picture for sure.

Addutera shot is one of the most versatile angles to get your pictures just right and here are some more examples of the same.

While these are all for your inspiration, dont forget to send in your pictures of poola jada and you could stand a chance to be featured with us. If you  have any questions about orders and customizations, do reach out to your nearest pelli poola jada branch or DM us and we will get back to you shortly.

Blogger: Poojitha