Every home with a lil’ girl equals having the blessings of the divine. These angels come into your life, only to change your world upside down, beautifully. They do deserve every celebration fit for a princess and one that you as parents can cherish for all the years to come. Half saree ceremony is one such event held for young girls mostly at the age 11. While this traditional event was always celebrated with much joy, over the past decade, Half saree ceremonies have become 5 day events filled with fun, pomp and grandeur.

While there are so many elements which go into having a half saree ceremony, Poola Jada is something which has always been an integral part of the Young girl’s customary look. So today, we have curated some of our most trending Jadas featured at Half saree ceremonies.

As much as we love an ornate Poola jada, it is very important to keep the young girl in mind. Traditional Poola jada could be too heavy on your little girl on her special day and could restrict her ease of movement. Hence, it is important to look for jadas, which are lightweight.

Shown here is a poola Jada made of jada billa and rose petals which gives a fuller look with half the weight of a traditional jada and still is flexible with full range of motion.

Gold Jada’s have some sort of magic to them. The designs are mesmerizing, divine and artistic. If your little one is wearing a Gold Jada on her Big day, here is a style inspiration to take the Jada a notch up with complementing veni from Pelli Poola Jada. The veni would seamlessly blend in the Jada to the outfit for a completed look.

Another favorite design of ours is the jada billa design shown here. There always will be occasions where less is more. The jada set shown here is something exactly along the lines. Customized as per client’s request, this set is great for girls who love to move about freely.

Pink and purple have young girl’s hearts forever. Isn’t it? It’s the most popular color amongst our little clients and here is one such Jada for a special client.

All exclusive diamond look is gaining a lot of popularity at weddings and half saree ceremonies recently. Embracing the trends, we introduced cz jada billa style Poola jada to complement your diamond look seamlessly. Here is one of our rockstar rocking our creation with ease.

Which one of these designs are your favorite? Do let us know in the comments and if you are looking to order any of our designs, please reach out to the nearest pelli poola jada branch or DM us and we will get back to you shortly.

Blogger: Poojitha