Bridesmaids-the word itself flashes you all the visions you have about your bridesmaids and you on your big day. The fun you are going to have and the everlasting memories you are yet to create. Bridesmaids are special and only a bride would know that. Doesn’t she?

The crew of yours who would go to any lengths to make your big day just perfect!! A team who would understand all the things you left unsaid or your girls who could just understand what you mean with a wink of yours. They are truly your tribe and your people close to heart.

So today’s blog is in the honor of all the bridesmaids who make the Bride’s day a breeze. While the Bride is the center of attention on her big day, Bridesmaids too deserve to look their best and hence we put together some inspiration from our beautiful clients who rocked the poola jada look.

We are sure you are up for a visual treat. So, let’s hop right in!!

The bride squad goals right here! Won’t you agree? These Bridesmaids all ordered our most loved Jada billa style Poola Jada,with the veni’s customized to match their Sarees and this picture is a total bomb! Would you consider such a picture for your bridesmaids too?

Who said Team bride consists only of women about the same age as the Bride? This group right here will totally prove you wrong as the youngest here is less than 10- years old and we totally loved the kutti poola jada and their absolute enthusiasm.

Do you have a group of aunts and your closest ladies whom you want to gift a perfect look as well? Take the style notes from the ladies here. All posing beautifully wearing our signature single line veni. These also make great favors for small events and your guests will surely love adorning these florals.

We are head over heels with this picture of the bride with her sisters aka the OG bridesmaids. While the bride styled her hair with a super regal Gold jada, the sisters are seen here wearing our signature floral jaal jada which complements the whole look.

Everyone loves mom and daughter duos. Be it outfits, jewelry and literally anything. But now it’s the Pelli poola jada way. Seen here is such a heartwarming photo of the Mother of the Bride and her daughters. So wholesome and we believe every bride should take such a fun picture on her big day.

While we drop in some more pictures for your inspiration, if you want to order any of the above-mentioned Pelli Poola jada products or want to know about customization and other enquiries, please feel free to reach out to the nearest pelli poola jada branch manager or DM us and we will respond to you shortly.

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