Welcome back to your weekly dose of wedding inspo and today we are going to talk about a wedding accessory, which is used in the most fun-filled event in Telugu weddings. Yes, as the title suggests, we are going to see some unique ungarala bindelu designs to make sure your fun filled wedding moments are cherished forever.

This traditional event of taking out rings from a pot filled with water is hands down one of the most anticipated ceremonies in any wedding. Usually a gold and a silver ring(usually a silve toe ring) are dropped into the vessel half filled with water and both bride and groom are supposed to take one ring out. Whoever gets the gold usually wins. Such an icebreaker isn’t.

While the event is indeed special, make it remarkable with decorated vessels from Pelli Poola Jada. Shown here are some of our most trending designs this wedding season and you could totally make them yours.

The peacock shade of blue is a favorite for many brides and here is one design, which is executed in what we call the Krishna blue. If you have an offbeat color scheme apart from the regular reds and greens, then this design is totally for you.

Shown here is a classic goldish yellow design, which goes well with any wedding dΓ©cor. Can you believe that is actually designed for a USA bride by our in the US. If you are an NRI bride, remember that you do not have to compromise on any of the wedding accessories even when you are away from your motherland.

How can we ever forget the magic of floral jaal. We have seen it on poola jada, dΓ©cor, and of course now on ungarala binde. This is an exclusive design done for brides who want to keep things minimal and show off the charm of the actual vessel. This is a great option for brides using silver vessels for their ceremonies too.

There is nothing like meenakari. An age-old enamel art and it is always a crowd favorite. In recent times, wedding accessories with meenakari work have been popular. Pelli peetalu, talambralu plates and pretty much everything are now being customized in Meenakari and so why not these vessels. These would greatly complement your other wedding accessories and also they can be reused in multiple occasions like mangalasnanam and other ceremonies.

We hope you loved all the designs showcased on the blog today. If you wish to place any orders, please feel free to reach to your nearest Pelli Poola Jada branch manager or DM us and we will respond to you shortly. If you liked what you saw on the blog, please do not forget to give thumbs up and share it with your friends and family.

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