A relationship between mother and child is pure and real. It is the only kind of unconditional, selfless love we can see in humankind. Mother-daughter relationship is even more precious. It is giving, sentimental, strong and inspiring. Uplifting, supporting each other, providing mental and emotional strength, passing on resilience and having fun forms a core part of the boding. 

Daughters grow up looking at their mothers. They imitate and emulate them many a times. At some point in her life, a daughter always feels like dressing like her mother. Twinning or dressing up in same style has been a hit in the past few years. Costumed were specially designed for photo shoots, birthdays and many events. Taking the trend a little ahead, we are presenting the mom-daughter hairstyles 


This mom daughter chose loose plaited hairstyles with puff at the front. Baby breath flowers are common elements in both their hairs. While daughter has chosen full length flower plait, mother went with minimal flower look


How adorable this mom-daughter look!!Theirs bun is similar even in the choice of colours used to embellish it. It’s lovely with white and red flowers. 

Long plait with two different coloured venis is the best for traditional events. Here, mom and daughter have similar hairstyles.

Mother aced the look with a decorative bun adorned with pink wreath while daughter chose to wear plait with yellow coloured Veni. Both of them have chosen colours that match their respective dresses.


This is another super cute pair. Mother’s bun and daughter plait have same venis and looks like plait is an extension of bun. Kudos to the creative team and the mother-daughter making a statement with their style.

Hair buns are mostly worn by mothers while daughters are seen wearing plaits. Some of them chose venis that match their costumes and some have gone for same kind flowers/venis. Whatsoever, the mother -daughter are fabulous in these traditional hairstyles. 

For those girls who don’t want yo wear lot of flowers, gold jada is the best option. This suits for both the mother and daughter. And in their respective styling, they give serious relationship goals to all out there. 

Blogger : Sindhura