Indian events can’t be done without flowers. Wearing of flowers has been part of our culture and traditions. Poolajada designs have transformed over the years and are modified as per the latest trends and fashions. These are a significant part of bride’s makeup. Let’s take a look at the latest designs from our very pelli poolajada team. 

The long jada/plait is adorned with flower billas. Two venis are arranged at the top of the jada on the hair. Flower billas have round centre with metal billa, a circle of jasmine flowers and around which violet petals are arranged. 


This is a beautiful jada with rose petals billas and three layers of venis arranged at the top end of the jada. Netted Veni in the first level enhances the upper part. The jada billas with red petals are alluring, attractive and eye pleasing. 


Red and white is an evergreen combination. The core metal Billa is in oval shape. Therefore, upper part of the billa is embellished with rose petals and lower part is filled with jasmines. There are three venis in total- one Rose Veni and two Jasmine venis. Single flower jada billa fixed in the hair above venis is definitely an added beauty. 


For someone who love things of extravagance, flower net jada is perfect. This gives heavy look and completely covers the plait. In addition to these, two thick venis give grandeur look. 


While flower billas are common, arranging them makes a lot difference and can change the look. Flower billas arranged with gaps in between also gives a classy look. Arrangement of venis can be totally customized as per your saree/costume. Green and red colour Veni is chosen by this lovely girl. 


This has to be my most favourite design of all. Be it the colours, combination or arrangement – everything looks perfect. Gold, white and yellow is a divine combination and horizontal wreath of jasmines in between jada billas makes all the difference. And for a good reason !! 

Violet/purple is rare yet a lovely colour. A jada that can fully cover your hair is seldom seen. This gives a grandeur and heavy look to the bride. 

There is no girl who doesn’t like a shade of pink. Availability of pink rose petals and jasmines makes it quite easy to go for this design. More than that, who doesn’t love quirky things. 


Jada billas in semi circle is distinctive to this design. Jasmines are arranged around the round metal billa in half moon shape. Venis in yellow flowers and jasmine compliment the jada part. Single flower billa on the head against the thick black hair is a visual treat. 

Blogger : Sindhura