Times are tough. Just when we thought perhaps we can breathe a little and get on normalcy mode, the situations turned upside down and we are back to where it all began. Or maybe worse than we had imagined. Hope you all are staying home and safe. If you are going through a rough patch, I can only say “We all are together in this and this too shall pass”. Hoping for better times and praying for your happiness. Having said all this, let’s think positively and divert ourselves on things that makes our moods lighter. We have wedding season coming up and those of you planning bits of the wedding and events, have you thought about hairstyles?

If you are looking for hair goals and inspiration and want to flaunt your styles, we have heard you. Today, we present the less fussy and more elegant hair buns. Buns are done in many ways with little modifications in the bangs or the position of it. Adding florals and accessories to the buns make it adaptable and matching to any type of sarees. Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful buns adored in the recent times

This is a braided bun arranged in the circular fashion and looks like a flower. Veni in yellow, white and gold colour is added to the bun. Floral Veni is prominent on the bottom side and is arranged in crescent shape around the bun. 

This is a regular bun but accessorized with bright purple flowers to make it look ravishing. Wreath of purple coloured flowers is arranged on the upper side. 

For those of you who doesn’t want to go for high bun and want something at neck level, this can be suggested. Hairs are braided and is arranged at neck level to give a bun look. Green flowers are unique with fluorescent charm. Golden pins are added randomly across the Veni length for  some sparkles. 

Double venis definitely add extra vibrancy and gives you flexibility to add more flowers in different colours. This braid level is similar to the one observed above but double Venis – one in multicolour and another in classic yellow and green are arranged. 


White is always attractive against black. It looks like a the beautiful half moon in the black sky. In addition to these, antique finish artificial flower Veni is adorned to match the saree glitter. 


Multicolour Veni gives the feels of freshness and is good to go on any colour costume. This is a highlight in itself and you wouldn’t need any other add ons. 

Baby breaths have gathered our love and are spotted in everything from decor to accessories. Baby breath Veni is arranged around the bun with tiny pink and purple roses arranged here and there across the Veni.  The roses are so perfect for the saree and looks like they are made from the double shaded saree worn by the lady. 

If you want to make a style statement and look unique, this half Veni across the bun should be your choice. Totally made with baby breaths, it is arranged only on one side of the bun.

Hope you’ll loved our bun styles as much as we did. Stay home and be safe.

Blogger – Sindhura