Women and flowers are incomparable when it comes to beauty. They compliment each other. Together, they form a bundle of feminine energy with fragility, grace and love. The importance of wearing flowers is intertwined with cultures and tradition. Wearing flowers has been in practice in many cultures across the globe. The advent of flower jewelry took the whole scene to next level. With new designs in the market, floral jewelry has been a huge hit for bridal events during the year 2020. Let’s have a glimpse of these beautiful pieces of art that stole in year 2020.

The bride decked up in blazing yellow saree for her bridal event chose subtle yet vibrant floral jewellery. The maang tikka is a flower pendent with two lines of jasmines as droplets. Flower pendant made with jasmines and rose petals form the core design of the jewellery. Earrings are designed around the same pendant with single line ear chains made with jasmines. There is a set of two necklaces of the same pattern but at different lengths. Floral pendant remains the highlight even for the arm jewellery set and waist belt. On the whole this is the simplest design of all with so much of elegance poured into its making. 

This sizzling bride customized the ornaments and picked the best of them for her simple look. The earrings are made of three level flowers hanging at different lengths. Maang tikka has multi lines of jasmines which ends into a flower pendant. This bride certainly wanted to highlight her hands and so chose kadas/bangles with finger rings. 

Yellow and white is a deadly combination. Fully blossomed chrysanthemums shining like mini suns paired with baby breath flowers looks like sun and stars of the sky. Red rose in the centre is a beautiful diamond adding vibrancy to the jewellery. If there is a anything called fusion, it has to be this with Indian Chrysanthemums and exotic baby breaths. 

All girls at some point while watching Disney princesses must have fancied about wearing lovely costumes and Tiaras. Well, tiaras need not always be of diamonds or emeralds. This design is no less than any of precious diamonds. In fact, this is more real, fascinating and effervescent. For someone who wants hassle jewellery, the garland, tiara and hand bracelets are the best. This bride chose florals in the combination of yellow, red and white as per the saree she wore. 

Garlands add another level of beauty to the bride. Maang tikka, bangles, garlands and earrings in combination of jasmine and dark pink roses made the bride resplendent. 

Highlight of this jewellery is the floral choker and haraam along with maang tikka and other accessories. Jasmines maalas in different layers are weaves into a beautiful pattern. 

What makes this different from other pieces is the heavily weaved choker and long haaram. The locket area of the floral haaram is intricately weaved and the craftsmanship is absolutely worth dying for.

This is a Hawaiian look with Indian flowers. The accessories are casual and chic type. Vibrant colours on a plain georgette saree blend beautifully together. 

Flower net veil is more than a piece of jewellery for me. This is an art piece in itself. Jasmines weaved in zig zag pattern form the body and rose petal are weaved are as a border. 

As they say, it’s all in the perspective. Gold  need not be a metal. These chrysanthemums are very much similar to gold flowers. The look is elevated when adorned on a white saree. Baby breath flowers filled the spaces in between besides adding beauty to the design. 

Hope you’ll loved all the designs. Please let us know what’s your favourite among these. 

Blogger : Sindhura