Deepam or Diya is an important part of puja in Indian Culture. There is no event without offering prayers to the almighty. The lightening of Diya, floral rangoli, Chandan fragrance and vibrant kumkum bring positive aura to the surroundings. Arati is done at the end of the puja to surrender in all means to god and it symbolizes respecting the deities with humbleness and gratitude. Arati also signifies the five elements of nature – Agni, Vayu, Akasam, Prithvi and Jala. Arati is also believed to ward off evil eyes and destructive spirits. 

Arati plate decoration is not a new fad. This has been in practice ever since we have started offering prayers. However, this has seen a renewed version of decoration now. Arati plate decoration with florals is surely gonna be a bustling thing next in the wedding scenes. Flowers are always the best for any kind of decoration. We have said enough about floral decorations and its magic. When it is about puja to the divine god, what else can we think of other than flowers for Aarti plate decoration. Besides the Puja, Aarti plates are also used during bridal entrance. A decorated plate not only add beauty to the plate but bring a charm to the entry event. Let’s take a look at some of the lovely Arati plate decoration designs


Lord Ganesh or vignayaka’s Arati plate definitely looks radiant in itself. Brass idol is decorated with roses and rose petals. Jasmine malas are decorated as a hangings of the plate. Red rose droplet at the end of the Jasmine Maala adds vibrancy. 


Pink and red roses merged together to give this fabulous look. Combination of roses and jasmines is evergreen. Nothing can beat the fragrance of jasmines and beauty of roses. Arati place in this combination is sure to turn the looks and bring positive vibes. 


Next is the plate decorated in combination of jasmines and roses. While the rose mala  is decorated along the circumference of the plate, jasmine mala and rose mala emerge along the circumference of the plate alternatively. Jasmine mala is again arranged in the inner circle of the plate and rose flowers at the end of the hanging malas elevate the look. 


Beautiful idol of Ganesha is decorated with dark red roses. The wreaths of roses hang in descending order with the longest one at the centre. Baby pink rose is arranged at the end of each mala which in contrast has completed the whole look. Baby breath flowers arranged around the circumference bring a certain amount of exoticness to the decor. 


This cute yet lovely piece will gain your hearts. Baby breath flowers are arranged along the handle and roses are in the plate. Lord Murali Krishna surely looks like he is enjoying in Vrindavan. 


In this decor, flowers in various colours are used. Purple chrysanthemums, white flowers, pink chrysanthemums arranged in Contrast add beauty in abundance.


If Vibrancy has a look, this decoration is that. Green chrysanthemums look fresh and vivid. Hanging green flowers look like the branches of the tree. Rose petals in pink and yellow are arranged along the circumference of the plate. 


Who doesn’t love pastels. Roses in pastels colour will melt our hearts. Peach roses and white small chrysanthemums fabulous blended well and the concept on whole is lovely. 


The specialty of this look is that different colour roses are used to decorate the lord Ganesha Arati plate. Roses in shades of pink and white are arranged around the plate and as hangings malas. The lower part of the malas are predominantly decorated with white roses while the upper part is arranged with baby pink roses. 

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