A typical Indian wedding involves various rituals. One of the most important of these is “exchange of garlands”. Varamala or Jaimala is a ritual that’s been in practice since the time of gods. “Sitarpita varamalika Ram” in NamaRamayana clearly tells us the Story of Sita Swayamvar and how she offered garland to Lord Rama after he destroying Lord Shiva’s bow. Exchanging of garlands by bride and groom signifies the acceptance of the other person as their partner for a life and committing to the duties of husband/wife. 

In some families two sets of garlands are exchanged – one each by the bride and groom’s family. The real ornament and the only nature that is worn by the bride and groom amidst the gold and luxurious clothes is the floral garland. This completes the look of the bride and groom. Let’s have a look at the best of couple garlands of 2020. 

Jasmines and roses are an evergreen combination. This lovely couple chose beautiful garlands that matched their outfits. White, dark pink and gold colours perfectly matched the saree and outfit of the groom. 

Petals add rich colour and lasts longer than the whole flower in itself. The tiny white and red petals resembled pearls and gems.

One may even go for garlands in contrast colours. Red rose petal colours are enchanting on this charming pair. 

Pastel roses with leaves though looked simple, these are elegant and charming. These designs are best for the engagements and pre-wedding functions. 

Baby pink roses weaved in prestige jasmines are soothing. This couple wore two sets of garlands. One set in light colours and the other in bright colours. Both the garlands are complimentary. 

This is a rare combination in the current trends. Yellow and white floral garland is radiating with its golden hues and brightened the outfits of the couple. 

Roses garlands as discussed best suits per wedding events. These are light, adds beauty and mostly importantly looks divine in its lovely colours. 

For contemporary couple who wish to try unique designs, this baby breath garlands are spot on. Since there are several events in the wedding, these type of experimental garlands can be worn during any of the events. 

These designs can be customized as per the taste of the couple. We are sharing few more best enchanting designs worn by the real couple.

Hope you’ll liked them and let us know your feedback. 

Blogger – Sindhura