Brides and beauty is interchangeable. The transmitting radiance of a bride is unparalleled. From top to toe positive energy from a bride disperses in all the directions. The perfect pleats of the saree, folds of the Pallu, ornaments in gold, pearls ..etc add charm to the bride, however, nothing can beat the gleam and lustre of the fresh flowers. Artistically weaved petals bring in freshness and fragrance. Garlands go much beyond a decorative element. They signify purity, divinity and spirituality. 

Many poets have compared women with flowers because of their similar characteristics like beauty, fragility and selflessness. When two such pretty things come together, our words fall short for the visual is extraordinary and mesmerizing. 

Let’s have a glimpse of garlands adorned by some real brides in the recent times. 

Jasmine net and rose petal garland is an evergreen design. This garland on the smiling bride is ravishingly beautiful 

This bride shining in a bright pink saree choose a simple light weight rose garland in peach colour. The garland also has baby breath flowers between the roses. This off beat design is certainly a game changer for the look. 

Have you ever seen a celestial nymph or an Apsarasa? This pretty bride looks like one. Decked up in half white saree, red roses garland in contrast colour and the mud pot looks as if nymph Shakuntala came down to Earth. 

It is seldom that we see garland in multicolour. This bride choose vibrant hues in shades of red, yellow and white. 

Light green saree with a red border is a tradition combination yet so classy. The flowers in the garland exactly matched with the border of the saree and is a thoughtful choice of the bride. 

Lotus garland has been in trend since Virushka’s wedding. A lot of creativity has gone in place to bring out the new designs. This jasmines and Lotus garland is one of those latest varieties.

This bride glowing like a pleasant green tree wore three garlands. All three are different in their own style. Although the garlands are predominantly embellished with roses, due to their distinctive colours, they looked elegant and different. 

Blogger – Sindhura