Indian weddings right from a Kashmiri wedding to a Tamil Wedding are incomplete without garlands. Hindu weddings and flower garlands are indispensable. “Jaimala” or “Varmala”, the ritual of exchanging garlands by the bride and groom is considered auspicious and has been in tradition from many centuries. We can even find the event traces in mythology. Swayamvar of goddesss and nymphs always ended with exchanging the garlands symbolizing that partner selection and Nuptial ceremony. Thus, garlands played an important role in Indian weddings. 

With the advent of technology and globalization, horticulture has seen a tremendous shift in cross cultivation and methods to grow exotic varieties have sprung. This in-turn helped to access seasonal flowers and rare kinds throughout the year. Well, to begin with garlands once upon were woven with common flowers like Lillies, roses, basil leaves, marigold. New techniques and designs have helped to bring out varieties of garlands. Above us, customization as per colour, size, shape and longevity is easier than ever.

Let’s see some of the latest designs in garlands. Turquoise is a rare colour when it comes to flowers. This rare combo garland in sea green is paired with light pink roses. At the end of the garland, hanging bunch of roses is affixed to finish the look.

This visually enticing garland is made with red roses and white chrysanthemums. It is simple yet attractive. Someone looking for garlands that aren’t heavy can go for these without a second thought. 

Often colours can be monotonous. When you choose colourful outfits, garlands in white would be a contrast and wearing them will elevate the look. This is a classic design yet equally elegant. 

Red petal garland weaved in classic style is mesmerizingly beautiful and the touch of gold rings has levelled up the game.

The beautiful pair in jasmines and pale pink lotus is my personal favourite. These look divine with fragrance and colours exurberating positive vibes.

Next design is a perfect example of contemporary design. With white roses, baby breath flowers paired up in perfect lengths is an eye candy sight for the viewers. 

The light pink roses garland arranged with dark pink flowers and baby breaths is beautiful, flexible and is weight less as no other leaf or base is constructed. This perhaps will be great for a events like Mehendi, engagement, baby shower..etc

The next pair is also arranged with the same combination of light pink, dark pink and baby breathe flowers. With pearls dangling at the bottom, this enchanting design is a lovely piece of creation. 

Netted garlands have been in trend from quite few years. White flower net on red rose petals will keep the wreath intact besides add to the beauty of the look.

Our love for red roses is enormous. Bright coloured red roses garland is nothing less than a feast. Addition of pearls, baby breath flowers is an brilliant idea as the garland just with plain roses would look sullen and monotonous. 

Last but not the least is the classic red and white combo garland. On either sides of the garland, white flowers are arranged and red flowers took the centre stage to alleviate the combination.

Blogger : Sindhura