Ever since I have started learning things and identifying fashions, Indian brides never had a choice of hairstyle other than the classic standard Indian braid. It’s in the last couple of years, we are seeing a surge in styling for the brides and this fortunately included hairdo. We could see a window to amalgamate traditional type of braids with contemporary styles. A messy braid or fish tail braid or French braid or a loosely parted braid with floral accessories is trending fast among Indian women. These braids not just look fashionable but are also comfortable. Availability of exotic flowers in various hues gives this hairstyle an advantage over the traditional hairstyles. Here are few styles that some of the brides have aced them on their big days. 

This is the latest variant of a messy braid. It is as easy as beautiful it looks. It doesn’t include partition of hair and weaving them. Tying knots at equidistance along the length of the hair and further making it fluffy like a ballon is all it takes. Adding flora matching the saree makes it complete. And Viola! The bride in the picture has picked Sky blue flowers matching her saree and we can’t lie about the gorgeousness of the braid. 

The next hairstyle is a beautiful yellow combo style and it looks strikingly beautiful. The basic hair style is same as the style discussed above, however, this bride choose to go for a flower bunch instead of a wreath at the top. Yellow roses look shining and perfect for the outfit. 

Pink remains a girl’s favourite colour eternally. Any shade of pink in our outfit or hairstyle or accessories will just bring a broad smile on our face. This bride has choosen the flowers in a combination of light pink and dark pink flowers to match her half saree. 

A regular braid can be done a little loose and accessorized with flowers of our choice. Below is the reference picture of how this beautiful bride has done the loose braid and didn’t worry about the symmetry but added dark pink flowers at equidistance knot to make it lovely. 

Who says Orchids only qualify for ornamental flowers. This beautiful bride accessorized her messy braid with orchids and baby breath flowers. 

Here is another variant of messy braid adorable made with white flowers and baby’s breath bunches. Sharing some of our favourite braids with lovely combination of flowers. Hope this will give you an idea and help your plan your hairstyle for your next special event. 

Blogger – Sindhura