Indian wedding rituals are fun, interesting and have significance to each of it. The deep you delve, more surprised you will be knowing the importance of our ceremonies. We may have done some ramifications to our customs over the years but still we follow and respect them. There is reasoning for everything and I am not ruling out the science that might be hidden. 

One such interesting ritual often seen in South Indian weddings is the “Doll wedding”. The cute miniature dolls dressed as bride and groom are brought together to perform the wedding before the real wedding. The doll bride is assumed as goddess Parvathi and the doll groom as Lord Shiva. Post the doll weddings, these sets are handed over to the newly wedded couple. Though this custom is prevalent in certain communities, wedding dolls sets serve great as decor elements, thus elevating the ambience. 

The miniature doll set representing the “pasupu kottadam” of Telugu weddings perfectly depict the custom of prayers to god and auspicious beginning to wedding related works. 

Then comes the set of pellikooturu/bride during bridal ceremony. The elders blessing the bride, beautiful bride dressed up in a half saree with heavy jewellery,  fruits and sweets placed in front of her is as good as real. 

Since ages the tradition of carrying bride to the mandap of wedding has been in place. In the earlier days, palanquin was used for the purpose. The beautiful bride in a palanquin is so adorable. Another model of palanquin with umbrella is equally good. 

Finally the Wedding. Bride and groom holding hands together to take vows to be the loyal husband and wife is so heart touching. 

Last but not the least is the set of seemantham/baby shower. This set comes with a whole lot of ladies dressed in silk sarees blessing the “to be mother” and the baby inside the bump. 

It is a visual treat to see the colourful dolls in beautiful designed sarees, waist band, jewellery, hair styles and all other accessories. Hands down to the artists for the effort and creativity that has gone into making these miniature dolls.