The history of flower jewellery dates back to the early age of mankind. The trends, however have evolved, adapted and transformed as per the prevalent fashions. No diamonds, emeralds or gold can replace the place of flowers for a women. They are irreplaceable and indispensable. 

My fondest memories of women adorning flower jewellery from top to toe refers to the stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata where Shankuntala, Menaka and Ahalya dress themselves in the natural elements sans material jewellery yet stand elegantly beautiful. 

From celestial nymphs in Indian Mythology to Antheia, the Goddess of flowers in Greek Mythology, we can draw inspiration to create our own style. 

It is seldom that people go beyond unconventional styles and design their accessories and attire. Quite obviously, these turn out to be eye candy, chic and spunky. Let’s look at some of our modern day brides and their choices.

The dazzling bride in bright yellow jewellery and matching attire looks like a morning sunshine. The wreaths made of roses, chrysanthemums, baby’s breath make the look a contemporary classic.

The ravishing bride experimented with contrast coloured flower jewellery with her heavy design lehenga.

The fun bride elevated her mehendi look with a simple flower tiara.

With her bold and colourful lehenga, this bride completed her look with just one pastel coloured flower tiara. Viola! Isn’t she beautiful. 

White and Pink is the combination that can keep up the spirits. Adorning the jewellery in petals of white, pink and pearls is definitely enticing. 

Making a style statement is not complicated. It only requires an experimental heart, confidence and faith on one’s choice. There you go!