Pellipoolajada_Eco friendly Poolajada LB.Nagar

Woot Woot!! We have a happy news to share and we cannot contain it. It is something very close to our heart and we hope you too would appreciate the welcome change. But first ***Drum roll please****. Pelli Poola Jada is now offering Eco friendly Poola jadas and floral accessories!! Yay!!

The warmth and encouragement we received for Décor by Krishna definitely motivated us for this greener swap. While we cannot stress the importance of living a low or zero waste lifestyle, here is our bit of effort for a greener environment. We are hoping you would continue to support and encourage us through this transition of ours.

Having said that, we have now deconstructed and redesigned our poolajadas to make them eco-friendly and here we are with a sneak peek into these designs. All of these designs would shortly make a grand entry into our catalogue this spring. Having said that, let me quickly jump into the deets.

First on our lists of Jadas is what we call the ‘Rani pink love’. Designed with Jasmines and pink orchids, we anticipate this as a star design already. The love for Rani pink and the versatility of jasmines is what has given inspiration for this beautiful creation. Instead of using Kundans and other decorative material, the Jada billas are totally made of jasmine clusters which instantly provides the perfect look of symmetry.

Next is what we call it our Signature Design and we repeat it now again the Floral Jaal Jada. Can we just say that we are totally pumped up to launch this eco-friendly version? While the Jaal remains the same in this design, the crown venis, now feature the jasmine and rose venis. These eco friendly venis, replace the spray painted/colored venis, to give it a green touch.

The following design is an instant crowd favorite. Red is the colors for us Indians, synonymous to celebrations, new beginnings and prosperity, so this poola jada has been designed keeping the same in mind and oh boy!! We are head over heels in love with it!! Designed with jasmine clusters and Red rose petals, this Jada can also be customized to various colors. If you want to achieve a unique design, you could also mix and match the petals with multiple color roses.

The fusion venis and accessories have always been a massive hit and we are immensely grateful that we are now able to offer the design the same in poola jada length too. Yay!! And what’s ever better? To be able to pull of an entire fusion Jada, all the eco-friendly way.

We hope you loved these ‘upgraded to green’ designs as much as we did creating them. To place an order or to know more about these Eco friendly Poola Jada, DM us or reach out to your nearest Branch of Pelli Poola Jada for further details.

As we repeat again, your celebration should never be a burden on mother Earth and so here is our humble effort to make the world a greener place.