Eco Bouquet

My earliest memory of wedding receptions as a child was always the bright flower bouquets the couple use to hold. Remember those circular, single stem bouquets which was a norm then? It was always fascinating and I would long just to hold them after the whole event is done and get a picture or two of me holding them.

As life went on, I hardly got to see any of those floral Bouquets anymore, except in old movies/wedding songs. They were slowly replaced by clear cellophane wrapped flowers which totally looked suffocated sleeved in plastic. The florists slowly discovered foam and started making floral arrangements bigger and bright with exotic and imported flowers, not letting go of the plastic wrap. I could never feel the same fascination I had for these flowers as a kid. Frankly, those old floral bouquets weren’t exotic either but their simplicity being made up of roses, lilies and mango leaves is what makes them unique. They carried a beautiful earthy fragrance that one could die for. Probably the simplicity and the authenticity of them is what draws us towards them. So, if you are wondering why I am bragging about these flowers is to break the good news !!  Pellipoolajada is now bringing back these floral bouquets in a new Avatar and I cannot wait enough!!

As a company Pellipoolajada always strives for innovation and creative ways to make our eco-friendly products and he we are now launching Eco friendly floral Bouquets at pocket friendly prices. These Bouquets, including the Handle and Base are completely Eco friendly too, so there are no nasty plastic leftovers in the aftermath of your event.

So if you too are as excited as us to check out the introductory designs, here they are!!

A mini Bouquet for small occasions and corporate Events. The base you see here is completely hand weaved with coconut leaves and held together by a jute twine. The flowers here are carnations in red and white and this design can be customized to in any flowers and any budget according to the client’s requirements.

The next Bouquet is also primarily designed for corporate events and as props for home décor. This Bouquet is made with a bunch of hybrid Chrysanthemums complemented with stems of baby breath, the cool part about this bunch of beauty is that the handle is entwined with Banana leaf and a jute twine, giving it a rustic look.

This bouquet right here is what feels like walking down the memory line. An ode to the wedding Bouquets from the 90’s, this is the enhanced version of them. Made with a bunch of red roses and complimented with the airy baby breath flowers, this bouquet would make you nostalgic when you see the outer sleeve which is made of coconut weave. These also can be completely customized to client requirements and be tailor made according to the budget.

This is one crazy upright floral bouquet. Here are the facts that could blow you away about this creation. The base is naturally formed fiber from the loofah plant. This actually works as a natural sponge keeping the flowers fresh for longer while acting as an earthy base and handle. Certainly adds a wow factor to this creation, isn’t?

Which of the above bouquet steal your heart? Let us know in the comments!!

If you are a customer looking to place an order for one of these Bouquets shown above. Get in touch with one of our executives on +91 9094442681