If there is one word to describe this year for Pelli Poola Jada, it is ‘grateful’. Grateful be a part of celebrity weddings, grateful to gain immense trust from our clients and grateful to the team we built here of and for their ever evolving creativity to come up with newer and better designs for all our handmade products.

The last few months, we are gleefully buzzed with so many new swoon worthy floral accessory designs. Although you did get a sneak peek on our Instagram and facebook handles, we cannot wait to show them all with the deets.  So let’s hop right on and explore the world of these floral beauties.

Definitely the baby breath flower saga continues and it has taken over our floral jewelry too. With numerous brides opting for these delicate breezy florals, it has become a new favorite this wedding season. Tucked over with either red roses or yellow, these are a sophisticated look for your nalugu/ managalasnanam ceremony. Brides, who prefer one chunky statement jewelry over multiple floral accessories, can totally opt this out without a doubt.

Talking about celebrity wedding, how could we ever forget our most favorite bride this year, Archana!! We love every single detail that she put around planning her wedding and we are thankful and proud that she placed her immense trust on us for her wedding accessories. This floral jewelry of her for Mangalasnanam is pure love! Our hearts instantly sing  “Shining in the settin’ sun like a pearl upon the ocean” every time we see her in this look. She definitely looked like a happy sunshine in color coordinated yellow floral accessories. If you too are up for a celebrity style this wedding season, with all our love, this is a potential pick for you.

In the wedding industry one thumb rule we swear by is, there is no one size that fits all. Every Bride is incredibly unique and her style is something which is very personal to her. Hence we make every effort to include various designs to cater to every need, because inclusivity is never a trend, it is a what is needed at the moment. So, here is our special minimalist floral accessory collection, A statement floral motif choker set. Completely customized for the bride in the picture, and can we say that she slayed the look? Oh yeah!!

As we discussed earlier Baby Breath definitely has all the Brides’ heart this wedding season, Here, is yet another bride flaunting our multicolor floral mala and haath phool. These accessories look extremely put together if you have a neutral/ a single overall outfit shade. What it does is, your outfits acts as a nice blank canvas to have your jewelry pop and the hues in the jewelry reflect a subtle shine, which makes the whole affair bright and beautiful.

So, now that we have given you some food for thought for your floral jewelry. Don’t forget to comment below or let us know what is your favorite so far.
If you are a Bride looking for some Pelli Poola jada products, do get in touch with one of our expert executive, who would be more than glad to suggest you the best set in our catalog of over 2500 unique designs. Stay tuned to this space for more such interesting wedding inspiration.