Can’t believe that it’s December already and in a few weeks we would welcome the New year. 2019 has been a year of many first’s and many new artistic Pelli poola jada designs. So today, here we are are giving you a quick rewind of some of the best designs to end this year on a sweet note. So, without further due let’s hope right in.


The Jaal veni and tear drop Jada
If you have been following us lately, you know how much our floral jaal designs are loved. As versatile as they are, the customizations and options to get creative with this design are endless. Here, is one such bride who got a fully customized floral veni, enclosed in a jaal . Also, the bride opted for a single veni instead of multiple venis and styled it with a Lakshmi Rakodi. The rest of her Jada is carefully crafted around the gold Jada billas. If you are a bride who already own gold Jada Billas, this is a perfect way to flaunt them without missing out on the look of fresh flowers.

The tiffany Fusion Jada
We totally love brides who dare to experiment with colors and designs. Here is one such bride in a completely color coordinated jada in shades of Tiffany blue and antique gold. This Jada is designed to provide full coverage of your plait. While baby breath and synthetic flowers are used, alternative jasmine venis are studded for the extra touch.  For Brides in pastel sarees, this is a colorful fit instead of all the traditional designs in reds and golds.

The vintage Bride.
While there is a world running on trends, there are brides who want to bring back their nostalgia from their childhood. If you are one such Bride, then hey, this is just for you. This leaf design plait is our effort to bring your Grandmom’s Poola jada memories. Featuring our ever famous 3 step venis, this rose petal jada, can be further customized in various other rose colors.

The rosy floral Jaal
The floral jaal has a history in itself and all the years are only bringing the best out of it. This floral jaal has been exclusively designed for a bride who wanted the best of the both worlds. A colorful rosy base topped over with the signature jaal and we are truly swooning over this eye candy.  If you too are a creative at heart and cannot settle for anything less than that, well we have got an answer for you .

The Bageecha spirit
While the whole spirit of Pelli poola jada revolves around the beautiful fragrant flowers, this Jada definitely holds a special place in our heart, as it is an ode to the flower garden itself. A carefully curated three step veni, the top one with flowers and the second one with leaves to bring the bageecha spirit.  The usual line of jada billalu is now accompanied with the leaf motifs all along. Such a beautiful sight that this is, this has been on our top charts for many weeks this wedding season.

That Pop of Pink
Now we are talking some serious business!! Can you ever show us a bride who doesn’t love Rani pink? Rani pink love is real guys and some bride here just did that!! A chakram motif Jada completely designed in Rani pink roses. While the Jada is designed simple to bring out the natural beauty of the color, we are in awe at this beauty and I guess we would continue to do so for few months down the line.


Alas, there are thousands and more designs that we really want to share with you, however it is just not possible here. But, you could definitely follow us on Instagram pellipoolajada to check out our latest updates and fresh new Designs.

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