Another day, another beautiful inspiration for wedding styles on the blog. They say ‘A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous’ and Pelli poola Jada says that your hair style should be two things, trendy and comfy. So, here we are staying true to our word and bringing some of our most comfy hair bun styles and venis you could flaunt this season.

A couple of years ago wearing your hair into a bun would have been considered boring. Apart from circling a string of jasmines into a tight bun , there was nothing much to it which made it appealing. However, like a huge wave of bun hairstyles took over the fashion industry like a whirl wind and everyone on-boarded the messy hair bun bandwagon. Oh boy!! we love it and if there is any other word beyond love too, this would be perfectly applicable. Not just for cocktail dresses and red carpet events, an elaborate updo has now become a mandate for every Indian wedding too. Not only the Β elderly ,many youngsters now prefer this chic hairstyle owing to how easy breezy this could be.

So here our top picks if your are eyeing on going with a bun hair style this wedding season.

If you are looking for a hairstyle which prompts for serious south Indian look, we bet you there is nothing beyond this, A jasmine veni  topped with a gold veni for that Classic vintage look. Also adding a traditional kemp/ gold rakodi will exponentially increase the majesty of this hair do. For the sister of the bride/groom, there cannot be any more apt style that this.

A neat Bun with our signature yellow flower veni. Yellow being a sunshine happy color, it certainly adds that pop of tint into your ensemble effortlessly. If you are someone who are in between dress changes and transitioning between elaborate ceremonies, this veni is a perfect pick. Also if you don’t have enough time for a hairstyle change , throw you hair into a messy bun and secure a veni over it for a Boho-chic look.

This next style is completely customized and is made with the NRI clientele in perspective who have limited access to fresh flowers. This bun flowers have been designed with golden baby breath and a touch of color with reusable colored flowers. Very elegant and light weight design that this is, it is an instant favorite for many patrons.

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And now we saved our best for the last !! How about if we say a bun hairstyle for the bride herself!!  This whole look if designed for Brides for their reception ceremony or for north Indian brides who wear a pallu over their head. Beautiful exclusive flowers like carnations and white lilys are used to achieve the entire hair topper.  We can only imagine how dreamy these delicate flowers look through the sheer dupatta of the Bride. This is a great hairstyle for brides who are looking for diversity in their looks over various occasions of a south Indian wedding. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Also as you know we are open to customizations at all times, so feel free to talk to your respective branch managers/executives on the look you are aiming for, we would be more than happy to help .

Watch this space for more such Bridal Hair style Info. Adios.