Blog Contest winner: Poojitha.

Hi everyone!! I am Mahaswetha , a name my father fondly gave me, since I was the first one in our family. We lived in a small farm away from the hustle and bustle of the city and I was grown amidst fresh air, clean water and a tons of love and care. When I was still in the womb, I use to hear him talking to Aayi, working long hours on the farm to give us a better life. On a beautiful spring morning I decided to enter this world and I could see my father calling out Aayi, saying “Look! Mahaswetha!!”. He named me so ,since I was perfectly white and round. I could see their happy faces brimming with pride and hope that I would be a way for their better future. I too smiled at them and let myself swing in the early morning breeze. Still din’t recognize me? I am your favorite Mallige.

It all seems like a dream, that I got an opportunity to narrate my story and share a bit of myself. The day I bloomed, many of my siblings followed me too. My father picked us up into a basket and from what I could see, his eyes were brimming with tears. After all, for the past few months, he had taken care of us working long hours on the farm regardless of rain or shine. He made sure he nurtured us very well providing us his best care and protecting us for the bugs which harmed us. Even though we played a lil’ game of hide seek and not blooming for a few days, he never once complained. And I could see his joy knew no bounds that day we decided to flower. He was a proud Farmer and we were his first crop.

The baskets we were in were loaded into a truck and we waved a fragrant goodbye to home. We were taken to a place which I was told was a flower market. I was also told that there would so many bigger and bright flowers in the market. When we reached there, it was nothing of sort what I imagined, it literally looked like a rainbow I got a glimpse on rainy days at the Farm. Rows and strings of every color flower I could imagine was there and I did feel a little jealous for not being so colorful. While I sat with my head down in self doubt, my sister pointed out something to me and I couldn’t unsee it again. The so called ‘exquisite’ flowers were being dyed to achieve color. I feel hurt for the treatment they were receiving. Also I saw them being wrapped in a lot of plastic separating them from their siblings and I could see them gasping from breath. I felt a sharp pain. How could someone do something so cruel to something so delicate and helpless?

We waited in the flower market playing a guessing game of who would pick which flowers. Then there came a lady with her daughter. We guessed she would pick some chrysanthemums for her prayer at home and we were wrong. The person selling us greeted her, his face immediately lit. Namasthe Kalpana Akka, which flowers do you require today? Making garlands and Poola Jada today? She gave a wide smile and nodded and her daughter smiling after her. While She carefully pickup her roses and other flowers, I was waiting if she would pick me. When our vendor suggested her some exotic flowers, she smiled and said, nothing beats the beauty and fragrance of our Bondu Malli, pointing towards me. I was filled with so much assurance and all the self doubt that I experienced earlier was gone in a snap. She bought a small basket of us and we accompanied her home.

Over the next few hours , we were tied, turned, moved and aligned and I really din’t know what was happening, but seeing how her hands and eyes worked and not to miss the sparkle in her eye, I knew I had to keep trust and believe in her . A few hours later her hands stopped and she took a closer look at us and gave a nod of approval with a smile slowly escaping. She carefully handed us to a guy who packed us and delivered us to a wedding home.

I hoped it was my final destination and couldn’t wait to see people admire my beauty. The moment I was dropped, I could hear a lot of voices, many happy voices and many filled with the unmistakable sound of hurry. I could hear the sounds of Mangalavadyam and also the chatter and laughter of young girls. I gave a mental hi-fi to myself that I am here for a Bride. My moment finally came!! it was my forever dream to adorn a Bride. I was slowly unpacked and beautifully arranged into the long plait of the bride.

I was carefully wrapped at the crown of her hair and I somehow managed to peek at her from the corner of her ear. She was BEAUTIFUL!!! and I think she heard me too, coz she instantly broke into a wide grin. She did give a lil’ pat on me arranging me and I think that’s because she loved me so much. Over the next couple of hours, whatever I have witnessed is something which made my fragile life complete.

I have seen her take vows with her partner, stood as a witness for the divine Taali ceremony and have been alongside for the Saath Phera for a life long of Happiness. As I realized that my time here is up, I was set to carry these beautiful memories on my journey to the heavens. I was placed on a tree at the wedding home, long here I would stand as a witness to the journey of a 100 years.