Hello Viewers, We are back with extra enthusiasm, renewed energy and abound love. Are you wondering if we have cracked a jackpot of million dollars? Nah Nah.. it is just this time of the year that makes everyone cheerful and happy. The monsoon, the greenery, the corn and the most favourite month in south Indian Households “Sravanam”. Sravana Masam is Lord Vishnu’s birth month and hence goddess Lakshmi’s favourite month. This highly auspicious month is also the most awaited month for celebrating festivals like Varalakshmi Vartam, Mangala gowri Vratam, Naga Panchami, Krishnasthami..etc. A puja or vratam is said to be complete by offering Tambulam to ladies and taking their blessings. The most important element in the tambulam is Flowers.

Pellipoolaja has been synonymous with poolajada, flower jewellery, wedding related decoratives. It has ventured into this art form in the most structured and unprecedented way leveraging technology. On the eve of auspicious Sravanam Masam, we have unbelievable dainty flower jewellery from Pellipoolajada in my “Myraid Box”.

Flowers and woman have been subjects for any art form since the beginning. What if both are seen together? Sheer radiance right! The first item for today is this beautiful pair of Jhumkas. I feels Jhumkas are girls all time friends. Trust me!! Jhumakas can never ever fail you. These pretty flower Jhumkas can be customized in various colours and patterns.

Mangtikka_flower jewellery

Then we have the splendidly entwined maang tikas with white flowers and a big flower made out of rose petals. Awesome.. Isnt it And here comes finger rings, the unexpected ones. I clearly remember preparing finger rings from the coconut coirs, leaves and flowers in childhood. These little beauties are too cute and elegant. And they took me to back to my childhood days.

Jhumkas-Flower Jewellery

The next item is the flower bracelet. With a large flower made out of petals in the middle, the bracelet is designed with pristine lillies in two rows.

bracelets_flower jewellery

We come to hair clips. I have seen people adorning their hair with flowers as malas, venis, or as a bunch or just a simple single flower. This hair clip outdid all the items. How creative isn’t it? The chains of lillies look no less than precious pearls. They are available in different colors and are paired up with contrast petals to give a mesmerizing look.

www.pellipoolajada.com www.pellipoolajada.com

Last item from the box today is this necklace. This is just mind blowing with perfectly entwined flowers with gold beads, big flowers and droplets. Any girl can blindly go for it without any apprehensions.

Vara Lakshmi vratam tamboolam

Vara Lakshmi vratam tamboolam1

So, in your gift giving and tabulam ceremonies, why dont you do a little different by adding these flower jewellary from Pellipoolajada instead of simple flowers. …Stay happy.

Blog by: Sindhura