“Coconut” the word itself brings some sacredness in Hindu households. Coconut trees are known for its versatility and wide usage. Our ancient history has also glorified the greatness of this tree by calling it “Kalpa Vriksha” in Sanskrit, which means “the tree which provides all necessities of life”. True to what it is named, coconut tress is useful to us in cooking, cleaning (broom sticks), travelling (boats), sleeping (coir, fiber), shelters (mandals), construction (trunk & timber)..et all.

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Taking cue from yesteryear’s genius inventions of coconut tree parts, we have developed the technique of using coconut leaves in creating artifacts. Well, they are not just showpieces that are fragile but are the ones that can be used and made part of our lives. Baskets, trays, idols, jewelry boxes..and a lot of stuff are being presented to you.

You may ask me why we should go for these when we have alluring items available in market tinseled with gold, silver and zari works. Here are some reasons.

Eco friendly:

We are in the era where each of us has to contribute to protect our nature from its depletion. It is the moral responsibility to pass on the purity of nature to future generations by providing them a clean and serene environment. What should we do for it? It may not be possible for everyone to contribute towards Go green by spending time and money. But, small adaptations in our life style can be a great start for a cause. Simply by using eco friendly products in our daily lives and avoiding usage non-bio degradable substances like plastic can create a huge impact in forthcoming days.

You got what we are trying to say!! Here are some such eco friendly products – Household items made from coconut leaves.

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Since they are handmade without a huge list items or machinery in the process of making, these come at affordable prices compared to the decoratives available in the market. However, since there is manual labor involved, you may have to pay some price for it.

Attractive and vibrant:

Green, the colour of life, symbolizes energy, freshness, fertility, harmony and traditionally associates with money and finances. Why do people go for green pandals, sarees, leaves, ..etc during auspicious occasions? It is because of the above mentioned reasons and some inherent facts associated. Eco-friendly coconut items will bring renewal energy, freshness and is pleasantly allure to the eyes as well.

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coconut leaf trays


Multiple usage:

Did you have a meticulous look at those trays and baskets? Impulsively, my creative part of brain visualized these items filled and embellished with colourful flowers, mud bangles, fruits. They can be used in the Kitchen, on dining tables, as decorative pieces, in weddings/functions..etc for various purposes ranging from placing items for the occasion, storage and for gifting the guests.

Additionally, you can also use your creative instincts to make it look more beautiful by instilling the gaps with flowers, pearls, colourful stones. And the rest we leave it to your ideas. Creativity is boundary less!!

Reduction in storage:

Buying items like various decorative items during weddings, functions and festivals is inevitable. Only after the occasion you realize the amount of stuff you have accumulated. Neither can you scrap them nor storage them permanently owing to the space constraints. These eco friendly items can be customized and used as per the occasion as desired. Once the leaves starts perishing/drying, the same can be scraped without any remorse or dilemma.

coconut leaf baskets

Besides, they look great and vibrant in all the photographs. If I may dare to say, they look lovelier than the gold or silver embossed items sometimes. Also, you will part of promoting the eco-friendly spirit to friends, family and your children.

What are you waiting for? Go and grab your favourite item and let us know how did you use, what creativity you used to decorate them and your overall experience?

We are waiting for your reviews!!

Blog by @Sindhura Ravulapalli