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Its another wedding season with lot of pretty brides and brand new wedding trends which doesnt cease to awe us. Every wedding is special, however few weddings are a cut above all which make our jaws drop.

Indian wedding USA Varmala garlandsWell, for now I am talking about a wedding which people would not even dare to imagine and it could definitely be a nightmare for few. A full-fledged traditional Telugu wedding in the land of U.S . Yes, you would have raised your eye brows already and thought on how that was even possible or you may also think that the ceremony was a simple one.

But trust us, when we said it was a traditional one, it was exactly what we meant and the wedding was definitely way better than many of the Weddings held in India. Such was the meticulous planning done by Spandana, the bride.

Telugu wedding in USA_pellipoolajada6

The name sounds familiar right? Yes. You definitely would have witnessed the grandeur of her USA wedding where she turned up in a Royal blue Kanchivaram. Ever since then, our team started calling her the Royal blue bride. While her pictures were on a Rage few months ago, we finally got an opportunity to have a small chat with her and what all went into her planning diary. Here is all of it.

Telugu wedding in USA_pellipoolajada

While out geeky Bride Spandana was from science background, her Handsome belonged to Computer Science. Cupid hit an arrow and they eventually fell in love and dated for about a year before they tied the knot on 16 Oct 216 at “Center at 2300”, Sacramento, California. Both of us decided to get married in USA because of n of reasons recalls the bride. However she admits that she was dead scared for the reason that should would not be able to go and choose her wedding sarees herself.

Telugu wedding in USA_pellipoolajada3

She then explained us with an excited voice on how she immediately subscribed to various photography, makeup and Wedding pages which helped her to pay attention to the tiniest of details for her very own wedding.

Like Every other South-Indian Family, they too had the tradition of purchasing Wedding sarees from the Silk city Kanchi and she owe the beauty of the sarees to VaramahaLakhsmi silks.

While spandanas all pre and post wedding dresses were designed by Kiran from Hyderabad, she chose the best of the best blouse designs from Bhargavi kunam and Kavitha Gutta. (We now know why your blouses are so beautiful!!)

All her wedding Jewelry was purchased from Vijayawada, as she chose Bombay jewelers for traditional Gold jewelry and PMJ jewelers for Diamond jewelry. I am sure you guys have already stuck your eyes on her layered Diamond necklace with ruby centered stones and now you guys know where the pretty bride chose hers from.

NRI Indian wedding In USA poolajada

As she didnt physically involve in most of her wedding shopping, all the jewelry and saris had to either go through a Bride approved or her sister approved mark before the purchases were done. Thanks to face time and video calls!!

Telugu wedding in USA_pellipoolajada7

While many brides love fresh flower poola jada, Pelli Poola Jada made them available in the USA too. However Spandana explains her funny relation with flowers and how they make her sneeze throughout.

Telugu wedding in USA_pellipoolajada4Thanks to wide array of options with us, she instead chose an artificial pelli poola Jada and she nods to the fact that it definitely made her life easier. And its definitely hard to believe that those flowers were artificial. Not just the Jada, but all her wedding accessories were designed by Pelli Poola Jada and its another milestone for us as we fulfill the wish of Indian Brides in the US.

As we Sign off with her stunning pictures, let us also give a big shout out to Yeluguri Entertainment who captured this Telugu Kalyanam across the oceans to Perfection!!