Ms. Beautiful and Mr. Charming tied a knot – Swetha and Vikas’s memories from childhood to Mandap

There are few things in life that are never boring like morning filter coffees, grandmother’s village tales, gazing nature and wedding stories. Real stories of true love are ever exciting and appealing. We have this beautiful lady who wants to share her story and how well she planned her wedding. Aha! But there is a twist. She and her mirror image are explaining serendipity of her life in this way.

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Who am I?
Hello!! I am Swetha. I finished my MBBS and I am that beautiful bride in the pic you are looking.

Who is he?
He is my better half . Vikas who completed his Masters in Construction Management in the US and is now involved in his construction company with projects in Hyderabad and Vijayawada.

How do we know each other?
His dad and my dad were classmates in their engineering. Our families knew each other since then.

Our childhood memories:
We both knew each other since our childhood. Vikas even attended my first birthday and the funny thing is he even attended my parents wedding! We used to meet at family gatherings once in a while. We hardly met after he went to the US for higher studies. After coming back to India 4 years later, we met last year at a birthday party. Our conversation started and ended with a simple “Hi”.

Did we have any feelings?
After 5 months we randomly bumped into each other at a place called Hylife and even then we dint have any clue of us ending up getting married.

Who proposed the match?
Like about 10 days after meeting at Hylife, our parents suddenly out of nowhere got us the proposal! We were bewildered! We never imagined in our wildest dream that we’ll end up together.

When was our first kinda date?
We met for breakfast later that week. In the little time we spoke we got very comfortable with each other. Things were easy for us as we knew each other already and we dint have that awkward strange feeling which everyone talks about in arranged marriages. He is the most decent guy I have come across in my life, so calm and composed! He is just the perfect guy I could ask for!

And the rest fell in place like a dream flawlessly. Here is what happened at the wedding!

Where did I get the outfits from?

* My sangeeth outfit is from Neeru’s Banjara hills.

* My mehendi outfit was designed by Tanuja Nimmagadda

* And then coming to the sarees I chose different colours for different occasions.

* I bought most of my sarees from Sai Kanchi, Hyderabad. They had a wide range of collection and this made my job easy.

Telugu bride_ Kanchipattu saree_kanjeevaram

* My muhurtam saree was yellow with a pink blouse as that is my favourite colour.

* I’m not a fan of heavy works and I wanted my blouses to be very simple yet elegant. All my blouses were designed and stitched by Tanuja Nimmagadda . She is one of the best designers I have ever met. She was very patient and we spent a lot of time on designing the stuff! The must notable is the blouse that she designed with the a pearl work for which I received many compliments.

What about Vikas’s outfits?
Vikas got all his outfits designed from Sagar Tenali and Ganesh Nallari! They are well known designers from Hyderabad. They were amazing.

Jewelry and accessories?
My gold and diamond jewelry were mostly from Tanishq and Neelkanth.

Telugu bride_ diamond jewellery

Hair and do?
I have got my poolajada and flower jewellery from ” Pellipoolajada “. I made a right choice choosing them.. they always delivered the flowers on time and they were very fresh.

Telugu wedding photography and makeup2.5

What about the Decor?
I was very particular about the decor. I took care of even the minutest details be it from the design, the type and colour of the flowers to be used and the colour of the lighting in the background and everything!


Mehendi decor was with yellow and white warm mirchi lights along with marigold flowers! We hired mehendi designers from Shilparamam.

telugu bride_mehendi story

For Wedding decor we hired a movie art director “Gangaraju” garu. We went with antique color and used roses and chamanthi! We had paintings of “Sree Rama Kalyanam” which stood as a highlight and complimented.

Telugu bride _wedding story _pellipoolajada

What about the events?
Sangeeth – We went on with a theme “Tollywood talkies”. The entire event was organised by a movie choreographer “Basheer”. For us the sangeeth was divided into two parts one of which was the routine dances and then another one after the party in which all our friends and cousins danced their hearts out and all of us will remember it for a very long time. It was a fun day all together.

How did we capture cherishable memories?
Vijay eesam and Studio K did wedding photography. We did our couple shoot in and around hyderabad.

pre wedding photoshoot ideas

What do I have to say?
Boom! we had a wedding of our dreams! None of this would have happened without the help of our families and friends.

What next?
We went on a honeymoon to Maldives. It was a quick and short trip! We are planning for a long trip soon and are excited for it!

Pelli poolajada is enthralled to hear her story that was marveling, intriguing and refreshing. We hope you did too !! Our heartfelt thanks to Swetha for sharing details of her events, outfits and all that happened. We wish resplendent Swetha, Charming Vikas and their extra special wedding many more love days and love years.

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