Corporate Fragrance:

I am working for a MNC. My job demands me to look and stay presentable during office hours. I chose the outfits that fit me flawless, perfumes that are subtle, heels that don’t clack and gloss, kohl are always on. Apparently, I wear all sorts of formals. Indian, Western, Semi formals..etc. Whatever I put on, I make sure to look best because looking good and presentable boosts my confidence. Owing to my meetings, interactions and Video Conferences mostly I prefer to look more sophisticated, less Indian and globally presentable. Well! That’s what most of working population think.

Lately, I was having a conversation with my mother on styling and dressing. My mother, a PHD holder, renounced professor, an epitome of love, great orator still prefers to drool herself in Handloom cotton Sarees, Salwars, tied up hair/plat and wear flowers. Anyone meeting her for the first time will mistake her for a mere less educated village girl.

So, the point my mother made that day is “How does your physical appearance define your skills, capability or knowledge If that doesn’t define our true personalities, then why do we yearn to look global when we can still carry ourselves well and excel being Indian and looking Indian”. That is something debatable but there is a valid point in what she made. For instance, I at times wear Salwars or Sarees to office but never wore flowers. Jasmines have been my favorite since childhood. My mother used to oil my hair and adorn them beautifully on my long hair.

wearing jasmine to office

Where were those days when I demanded a big chaplet over my sister’s. Where were those days when most my summer evenings were spent in plucking flowers. It’s hard to say this.. but I have become a hypocrite. I am sure there are many like me. We Indians love Jasmines and love to wear them during weddings or ceremonies but why don’t we the so called modern women fail to show our love towards them every day. Ironically wearing flowers to offices daily meant being butt of jokes, being local, lacking confidence.

But thats not true. We, the girls of 21st century stand for our likes, believes, desires, dreams and wishes. So, why should you leave behind something that you adorn because of someone’s mocking or irrational inhibitions. And there are these farmers growing them, agricultural laborers who coax these milky beauties and lovely flower vendors bring it to us travelling kilometers for earning mere 200-300 per day. It’s so pity seeing the flowers withering with no buyers and jasmine fields converted to “Plots”.I feel like saying Pity you guys! These lovely flowers will indulge you in an experience that often Biryans’s and perfumes fail to give.

Most importantly, what’s wrong in wearing flowers to office at least when you wear Indian outfits like Salwars, Kurtis or Sarees to office If not for its beauty at least for its medicinal and healing properties we should try this. Our vedas, mythology stories, epics details wonderful stories of women adoring their hairs with different kinds of flowers. When our goddesses followed, why should we humans leave them in midway?

wearing jasmine to office1

More than anything, being Indian and looking Indian is my right and pride!

About Blogger: Sindhura Ravulapallyis a musically-inclined management grad with chronic love for writing. Her eternal love for creativity and fine arts landed her into classical singing, painting and many more. When not weaving stories and hovering in fancy land, she is usually seen reading or taking interest in Philanthropy. Currently, she is working for a Bank in Hyderabad.Her works can be found in

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