Modern Bride in the basket !

Every girl wishes and awaits for that one person in her life for that one lovely and charming relationship , her wedding! Along with that every bride wants to include surprise elements in her wedding and make the best out of whatever is in their hand .?Modern brides customize everything as per their choice

pelli pilla butta_ bridal basket3

In a wedding the Groom is considered to be Lord Vishnu and the Bride as Goddess Lakshmi. For a wedding ceremony, the brides maternal uncles lift her on their shoulders, in a bamboo basket and take her to the groom. It is believed that since the Bride is considered Godess Lakshmi , she shouldn’t walk on the floor. So, she was carried in the pelli butta.

pelli pilla butta_ bridal basket15

Also in olden days the floors were muddy, studded with stones. To keep the bride safe, they started to carry the bride in the lovely basket.?Since a few years, weddings have modernized wedding basket . At times the Jeelakarra Bellam ceremony is performed with the bride seated in the Pelli butta . The bride needs to be looking comfortable undoubtedly for her the day!

pelli pilla butta_ bridal basket1

Lotus butta . With Butta??in shape of lotus, petals neatly stitched and arranged to get perfect look, giving a beautiful view of bridal entry. The advantage of such butta is, bride’s saree is seen neatly and butta is comfortable. Butta is covered with designer laces and clothes inside and outside.The inner cloth prevents basket from causing damage to the brides saree.

pelli pilla butta_ bridal basket12

We at Pelli Pulla Jada , want our brides to make a grand sparkling entry in the butta , keeping the Indian traditions intact . But also help the bride considering the pattern, the weight to be carried , also the decor options matching the saree. Unlike the traditional we now have the fancy , designer , creative , unique baskets for every bride. So why not have a designer lotus butta and have a grand Lakshmiji like entry for your own Lord Vishnu, what say?

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