Amidst the hustle bustle of everyday life, to be able to spend some time with your kids is pretty much equal to a priced possession. Especially for working women the mom and me time is something we always crave for.

While there are numerous ways to spend your time with your kiddo, there are also ways where you can make it even more special. How?

Lets rewind those summer evenings in our native place, a vivid memory for all the ladies would be picking up some fresh jasmines along with some country flowers to make garlands. While collecting these flowers in our frocks or pavadai was one story, helping our grandmothers or mothers by passing them a set of two flowers each as they entwine the garlands is a sweet memory. Personally as I type this, my mind goes back to the backyard of my ancestral home and the time spent with my grand mom helping her make garlands for her morning pooja.

Good old days… These little things undoubtedly remind us the beauty of our culture. How many of you miss these memories? We all right!! Now, You may ask us whats so special about making flower garlands, but if we dig a little deep into our ancient scripts it is believed that Lord Krishna possesses 64 kinds of arts called Chatushashti kalas and preparing flower garlands is one of them. Its called the malya-grathana-vikalpa.

Have you ever seen ladies making garlands, its almost like a meditation to them as they only concentrate on the perfection and it’s hard to miss that beaming smile when the flower string is worn by her daughter or when its offered to the Almighty.

I guess half way into reading this you already feel like making those garlands again and teaching them to your kids.What better way than to spend your leisure cherishing memories as you simultaneously celebrate culture!! Above all, your kids get to learn new things (of course hands free from all the techie gadgets)and would definitely have beautiful memories associated with it as we all did .

Here is the short video from us, which is surely bound to refresh all your childhood memories and bring back that lil’ essence in your life.Shown in here is an ancient technique to making flower strings without twine and stay tuned with us for more such mesmerising updates which would wake up the inner child in you.

Beautiful Music by MahaGeetha music company
Videography: Surya Art Photography-Tuticorin

Blog by: Poojitha