In the present generation of lightening speed lives, it is very rare that you find a fairy tale wedding of childhood sweet hearts.A scientific research states that if you are close to someone for more than 7 years, that means that the bond is sealed forever. And what can we say about this couple who have known each other for more than 10 years now and who grew together for most of their lives so far! Today at Pelli Poola Jada we are more than elated to feature this beautiful bright wedding of this much in love couple?Sirisha chowdary and Prashanth chowdary who now proudly flaunt each other as MR and MRS.


Their couple picture bought a spark to eyes and as the bride was a client of Pelli Poola Jada, we asked her if she wanted to share her cute story with us and this is what she had to say

pellipoolajada_telugubride_making netted poolajada

10 years is a long time for a person in their 20s.It represents almost half of their lives and thats exactly how long we have know each other for.We met during our first month of our under graduation and have been together ever since. A few years of friendship turned out to be love and now a life long knot and the journey if you ask us, undoubtedly was a little bumpy.We faced our fair share of ups and downs in the relationship and that genuinely helped us evolve from being two regular teenagers to being better adults.

Many people ask us if we ever got bored of being in a relationship for so long, but on the contrary we explore something new in each other every single day and that made the journey really exciting.”

As much as we wish that this couple have a happy and prosperous life ahead, it is an almost impossible task to not fall for Sirisha’s Bridal Look across all her ceremonies. If you think we are exaggerating, it is an open fact that her wedding pictures were a buzz in many Social media groups as Bridal Inspirations.


Her choices from a simple Nath to her Kanchivaram and every single detail was worth pondering over.Well..who would fall for those beautiful bangles customised to bear the names of the bride and groom. She carefully hand chosen all her Pure Kanchi Sarees from Kalpavruksh, traditional Varahala Haram and of course we are proud team here as she chose all her wedding accessories from Pelli Poola Jada and that they were a part of her Wedding style guide.



Sirisha had been one bride who pin pointedly chose what she exactly wanted and we really appreciate her sense of imagination in choosing smallest of the things.She chose the evergreen Lotus design Kobbaribondam Plate for her Kanyadanam. Along with these she also picked up our signature Karupuram Garlands, Addutera, Ungarala Binde and as usual the fragrant flower jewellery for her Mehendi.


pellipoolajada_telugubride_flower jewellery

Wedding Photography by: Golden Shutter by Harsha Reddy
Make-up and Hairstyling by: Edward Siro
Wedding Kanjeevaram sarees: Kalpavruksh
Blouses from : Vaishali, Kalpavruksh and Yakshi Deepthi Reddy
Mehandi Attire from : Yaksi Deepthi Reddy
Reception Dress From : Divya Reddy

Sirisha gave so many pictures, we instantly fell in love with the beautiful photography and wonderful editing, made a small video with music by Mahageeta music company

Well Ladies, she really gave us some Bridal goals this wedding season. Isn’t it? And we are happy that we got a part to play in this amazing wedding. Here we sign off wishing this couple a beautiful ever after.