Make girls wear beautiful Poolajada this season. Its the season and there are always tiny little princesses who are enjoying the dress up. In most cases, they eventually get uncomfortable in the way they are dressed as the hours pass, so we bring you the most easy to carry Poola jadas that wouldnt damper your daughters fun.

Comfort Dressing
Kids are kids! And the best thing to do is: allow them to be kids. We at Pelli Poola Jada see to it that the girls are comfortable with our easy to carry, light weight poola jadas. We make sure they are not too tight or too heavy. Smile on kids face tell us, how happy she is wearing poolajada


Keep it stylish
Be selective with poola jada colors to match with colors of the outfit of the little angels. Customization in terms of variety of flower options and adjustable sizes are available. Designs can be chosen as per the age your princess, keeping it classy and elegant. If your kids doesnt like a heavy poolajada, arrange each billa with little gap which will look trendy and classy



Have fun with accessories
For girls, cutesy hairdo can add charm. We provide accessories not only for the hair but also necklace, armlets, bracelets, earrings and the waist belt. Just like we provide for the ladies. Flower jewellery is trending now from Delhi to Kanyakumari.


It is better to keep the accessories to minimum if the girls age is too small. If not full set, give them just finger rings or hathphool to start with. Once they develop interest, they can wear full set.

Here are our picks of the latest designs for the kids:

Reflecting the Sisterhood:


Creating Color schemes


The Grand red and white that catches attention


Green & White Jasmine Poolajada

Pellipoolajada_Kids_Poolajada LB Nagar

The beautiful green and white jasmine Jada, this design surely hits nostalgia and strikes the chords in the right places, to remind you of your Granny dearest. There was a time when elders use to whip up an instant poola jada with the leaves and flowers available right in their backyard.This design is totally inspired from the same concept. As beautiful as it is, this design is can be customizable with a floral veni or can be totally left as is, if your girl wants to freely hop around.

Red petals and white flowers Poolajada

Pellipoolajada_Kids_Poolajada LB Nagar

Another design totally in line with the first design is the 4 step poola jada, while the top design used green and white combo, this design is created in a classic combo of red petals and white flowers. This design is also great for kids who want to continue with their natural hair length and not want to wear long hair extensions. You can totally customize the number of Jada billas you want, depending upon the length of the Baby’s hair.


If you are someone looking for an elaborate poola jada for your kid’s special occasion like Half saree ceremony, then this is coming up right for you, One step mallige veni with rose petals and jasmine jada billalu, this design gives optimum coverage and looks grand. Special care has been taken to only add one veni for this look so that your princess is not weighed down by the weight of multiple venis. Instead orchids are added on the crown for a fuller look.

Fusion Poolajada

Pellipoolajada_Kids_Poolajada LB Nagar

This design is also fashioned with special occasion in mind. While one design is utterly traditional, this one is a fusion dream. Designed with baby breath and mild/pastel color florals, this is just the right pick for your girl wearing cool English colors or designer wear.

Arent our PELLI POOLA JADA girls adorable!