Red Kanjeevaram Saree matching Poolajada Trend Alert!!

For the wedding day, extra attention is paid to every detail of the bride. Like the outfit and the jewellery shopping, I am sure a lot of research is done in advance before the actual buy! So why the hair should be left behind? With all the pretty and intricate patterns of Poola jada designs that are being made of late it is really hard not to fall in love with them with all their beauty.

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South Indian brides generally prefers bright shades of red, maroon or pinkish-red Kanjeevaram sarees with heavy golden zari border for wedding. Traditionally, a single long piece of jada, made completely of jasmine was used to decorate the entire length of the hair, but now wedding poolajada has gone a whole new level of cool ever since!Rose petals jadas, as different color choices are available in roses to match the saree.Red_kanchipattu saree_poolajada13
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Poolajada for Red Kanjeevaram saree


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Pellipoolajada_Red_Kanjeevaram saree


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These rose petals jadas have replaced completely lily jadas and jasmine jadas. Pelli Poola Jada, bring you the most indulged wedding poola jadas for the brides.We take absolute pleasure in choosing different flowers and coordinating them to every single detail of the bride, right from the colour to the motif of the brides saree and use nearly every flower that can possibly be used crafting wonderful wedding hairstyles.

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Not only customizing the jadas and venis with the colour of the wedding saree, but also jewellerycan be done as per the choice and the budget. Designs are also inspired by the fusion of different dressing styles and tastes of different states brides!

Saree matching poolajada

Saree matching poolajada

We are well aware of the kilos of weight the bride has to carry of the outfit and the jewellery worn, we help them to chose the perfect light weight Poola Jadas and venis that can be worn comfortably without causing uneasiness throughout the function.Red_kanchipattu saree_poojadai87

The regal combination of red and gold has been two of the favourite picks of brides and South Indian hairstylists of late and they never fail to work their magic be it on the hair or on a saree.

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You surely will agree that these brides decked with flowers, just look like deities on their wedding day! Which is your favorite trend. To order, call/ whats app your nearest branch.

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