Radhika is a woman achiever in her own right. Having started work in the head office (Medak) lbnagar back in 2012, she has come a long way indeed. From being a shy, reluctant performer to someone who believes in and nurtures her talent to the core, Radhika is an inspiration to many women entrepreneurs who dare to step out of their comfort zone and follow their dreams.

She is also one of the most experienced workers in the realm of Pellipoolajada. When opportunities beckoned her four years back, she was reluctant for obvious reasons because she did not know what this was all about. ?She knew she had a flair for working with flowers and floral arrangements, but did not know she could pursue it further and make a living out of it.

In 2016, Radhika finally decided to take up the Medak branch and was one of the few women who could make garlands with effortless ease. She did just that and the rest, as they say, is history. Her hard work and dedication is an example for many who want to take their creativity forward.

A mother of four children (two girls and two twin-boy), Radhika is always energetic, happy and cheerful who looks at the brighter side of things.

Her husband is an auto driver and supports her in her endeavors, big and small. He is also hard working and consistent in his efforts to take on more challenges.? Radhika and her husband make up a formidable team who are making a solid mark in Medak, bit by bit.


Radhika is a very diligent and professional branch manager; her expertise does all the talking for her. She has a cute and energetic personality, which makes it an absolute pleasure to work with her in the fragrant realm of floral arrangements, especially garlands. Amazing!