The Right Start at Right Moment: A woman has to go through a lot to become successful in the world entrepreneurship, but if you possess an indomitable spirit, right amount of passion and the courage to make it big, you can truly become a successful businesswoman.This is such a story of a womans journey in the world of entrepreneurship; this is the story of Pellipoolajada. Pellipoolajada is the business that Kalpana Rajesh started in the quest of doing something different than walking the traditional path. Pellipoolajada is a company that designs poolajadalu, a type of Indian floral hair designing accessories.

About Kalpana Rajesh: Kalpana was not always in the line of business; rather she started off as a chemical engineer. But it was back in 2012 when she was expecting her second child when she felt the zeal inside to do something exceptional, something very creative. Fate listened to her and she was introduced with poolajadalu in the Sunday newspaper.

Pellipoolajada: Poolajadalu immediately made Kalpana interested and she began to search Google to know more about it. Having grown up in a South Indian family, she was already familiar with the concept of poolajadalu but never ever thought that it would open new business frontiers. Kalpana got her first customer by sending some designs made by her mother for her sister’s wedding and Pellipoolajada officially started its journey. Her husband set a limit of fifty thousand rupees for this experiment.

She took that amount out of her monthly salary with which, she bought the accessories and hired some workers to assist her with her first order. As they were totally inexperienced, it was proving to be much more difficult and eventually she depleted all the money.However, she was not ready to give up and worked hard to create the best design which was highly praised by the customers.

Her work being so unique, is featured in Many news-papers , TV and Magazines in South India.

pellipoolajada in media
She started everything alone, but in her journey, she found a few people who were inspired by her work to make Pellipoolajada a big success. Pellipoolajada now have several branches throughout the country, Singapore and USA.

Brand Loved by All: Now, Pellipoolajada has become a brand, which is loved by all. In the beginning she never thought that it would become such a successful business, but the key is that if you put stress more in the creative value of your business rather than just focusing on the monetary gains, success will always come your way.

Pellipoolajada is now a big happy family of 200people and follows the franchise model for the growth of her business. They always try their best to satisfy customers with innovative floral designsKTR appreciating Pellipoolajada business

Facebook’s Role: In this journey, Kalpana can never forget the huge role that social media played in promoting this wonderful business. Though, they used to get orders by verbal references by their customers but it was the social media that made Pellipoolajada the brand that it has become today.Pellipoolajada can be taken as the best example where Facebook is used efficiently by a small business.