Wedding Shopping! Are you excited??Here is What Pellipoolajada can offer!

Nothing matches the excitement a woman experiences while she is planning her wedding. After all it that phase in her life ,that she has always been dreamt of. But there are also situations where our sweet brides get all panicky and stressed out regarding the wedding planning.

So, as a little help to all the wonderful brides , we thought we would make a wedding checklist ,occasion wise which would cover all the accessories you would require.And as promised Pelli poola jada has it all .Read on to know more

Engagement: of course, the flag ship event for your holy matrimony is the first to start off with.Engagement poola jada designsFrom the brides perspective , all you would need is a fresh flower poola jada and Garlands.Choose what suits you from our hundreds of designs available with us.

Mehendi : Wearing fragrant and colorful fresh flower jewellery for you mehendi is so in-trend now.You can get them customised in any colour you would want to , to match your mehendi outfit.You just have to name the color and design and we are happy to help with your floral jewellery.package-16

Pellikoothuru/Haldi ceremony: While Nalugu ceremonty is full of turmeric all over you and for the Mangalasnanam which follows it, most brides do not prefer putting on Gold jewellery and they cam up with a brilliant idea of wearing jasmine and rose flower jewellery.All the inspiration from our mythological tale of the beautiful shakuntala.package-15Later for your Kanchi saree, you can order a simple Poola jada with colorful venis which would match your saree color.engagement poolajada

Wedding: South Weddings are elaborate and they do have a lot of rituals involved in it. Each ritual would require items such as rice grains, tender coconuts etc.But who would want it basic when Pelli poola jada is offering you them with all their amazing craftsmanship. Opt for a Grand pelli poola jada with 3-4 venis to match your wedding saree. You can also order artificial hair extensions , in case you want thicker and longer hair from all the Pelli poola jada branches.grand poolajada for wedding

If you are planning to wear gold jada, you can select matching venis for wedding sareevenis for brideFor your Bridal entry , get the butta/ basket customised to make it look like a Lotus or get it decorated with silk cloth and sequins.Else you can also order a Jasmine net Pandiri to walk down the Aisle with your familymallepoovu pandiri

Order Designer pellibutta from Pellipoolajada

For the man of your dreams, you can welcome him with a Jasmine floral shawl , a speciality of Pelli poola jada.Floral Shawl_PellipoolajadaA south-Indian bride doesn’t come to the Mandap empty handed. While few carry Tender coconut, others carry an earthen pot. Give a glam touch to them , by getting them custom made. Peacock and lotus designed are trending designd for coconut, where all over gold sequins is a hit for Earthen pots.Kobbari bondam designs for wedding

Order Ireni Kunda/ Grigamuntha from pellipoolajadaThose never-ending moments behind the Addutera can be beautiful, with a selection of Adduteras/Curtains made with cloth or even better ,fresh flowers.Floral Addutera-FA004-1 Order Cloth Addutera from PellipoolajadaDon’t forget to order your chepallem and chembu which would be required for cleaning the feet of the groom.You can order them in any design of your choice.Order Decorated Kanyadanam set Online from PellipoolajadaAlong with orders for fresh flower garlands with jasmines and rose petals, you can also choose our unique karpuram(camphor) or Elaichi garlands. They would surely be a head turner amidst the floral strings.Order Indian wedding fresh flower garlands Online

Order Karpuram Garlands OnlineFor Talambralu, if your are inspired from the pearl Talambralu from Seetarama Kalyanam , Yes, we do have them. Also you can choose our speciality ‘Nava Ratna Talambralu i,e Talambralu in nine different colors.
Navaratna Talambralu for wedding

You can order /Customise your Ungarala Binde from us.While this is a joyous event, make it more beautiful with a designer vessel .PELLI POOLA JADAIf you are someone who would want perfection even in the smallest of the things.You can get your Sanikellu peeta decorated by our creative team with all their expertise.kobbari kudukalu

Order Decorated Sanikallu from PellipoolajadaLastly, Order a vibrant and colorful garika muntha/ Garika buddi for Arundathi nakshtaram ritual.

You can order all of the above mentioned products across all of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu.We have Branches across all the Metro cities like Mumbai,Delhi, Bangalore , Hyderabad and Trivandrum. Services are also available in the USA. So, Hurry up and book your orders for the upcoming wedding season.

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