Pellipoolajada Vijayawada Team is led by Gayatri: Here is a small intro about her work

Gayatri is an enterprising, empowered woman who allows creativity to live out her much-cherished dream and make it into a reality. The first ever person to believe and take the pellipoolajada franchise forward into various parts of the region in a full-fledged manner, she had the courage to believe in the power of this business when no one else would, when it began in 2012.


Gayatri currently employs as many as 15 women and is a doting home maker and a loving mother, with her daughter studying in class 2. Like many modern women of today, she manages both family and business with aplomb and has featured in Hans India newspaper.Pellipoolajada Featured In Hans Newspaper
Gayatri loves to work with flowers, especially embellished bridal flowers for those exquisite traditional, South Indian weddings. These include beads jada, kobbari bondam, fresh flower, poolajadalu, karpuram and artificial poolajadalu, among many others. She also has had the opportunity to work with numerous celebrity clients.

Bridal flowers in Vijayawada

Vijaywada folks are known for their penchant about colors, vibrancy, enthusiasm and variety, especially when it comes to fashion and accessories. People there love to experiment with a plethora of new designs, fabrics and patterns. In terms of flower arrangements, the choices are aplenty and the results are only limited by ones creativity.


Any new designs that get uploaded in a catalog are sure to be explored and looked at closely by the folks of Vijaywada who understand the essence and importance of bridal flowers and their overall impact on the ambiance and look of a wedding. Better still, they are the first ones to book them too in a jiffy!

Client testimonial:

Gayatri is a creative, intelligent and soft-spoken business woman who knows how to respect timely deliverables and specific client specifications. Always professional and courteous, she is always open for smart suggestions and quick to incorporate. A dream to work with!

To order Poolajada with Gayatri:? 09912805647(Whats app) , 09848838998 E-mail