Here are few words about our Young & Energetic Mumbai- Branch Manager Rashmita

Rashmita is a feisty young woman who knows and speaks her mind, with a flair for unbridled creativity that is expressed through her love for flowers and other decorative elements.

An intellectually aware young woman, she was educated as a computer engineer and works in a leading MNC, loving her job to the fullest. She developed a penchant for flowers a few years back when her aunt residing in Hyderabad was working in the head office situated in Lbnagar.

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Their interaction fueled her interest in the numerous utilities and presentations of flower arrangements, especially in weddings and local cultural gatherings. Flowers are one of the most important aspects of wedding embellishments and look innocently endearing, something which Rashmita realized and chose to nurture using interesting subjects.

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Currently, Rashmita and her mother manage the Mumbai branch, which is situated at Kharghar (Named as Anoo Flower Jewellery – Mumbai ) . They both are able to easily manage their professional commitments as well hobby of flower decorations with ease and panache. This is because of their unrelenting love and dedication for arranging flowers in numerous ceremonies.

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Most of their orders pertain to flower jewellery and gota jewellery for godh-bharai and mehendi ceremonies where there are plenty of women who are genuinely excited about the incorporation of flowers and accompanying embellishments.

However, Telugu and Tamil families settled in Pune and Mumbai proactively order poolajada, thanks to their love for the traditional arrangements and the stupendous impact they manage to create on all weddings, gatherings and religious ceremonies.

Not surprisingly, Rashmita’s flower embellishments have attracted the attention of many celebrities. These icons are not insulated from the wide-ranging fragrances of floral jewellery. However, since many celebrity weddings are guarded from public display out of choice, not many people come to know about their love and fascination for lowers. Many celebrities do not appreciate their names to be divulged, which is why they keep it as a secret.


Rashmita is a dream to work with. Her kindness, patience and good understanding of flowers and their presentation makes her an ideal friend and expert. Look forward to working with her again and again.

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