Most of you are aware that our hairstyle defines our face and that it accentuates our features.But a lot of brides are too afraid to try new hairstyles on their special day.Most of them confine to the traditional Plait or Jada as we call it.However, we know that you always wanted to experiment with new hair styles and look beautiful for your special moments.

So, let us?present to you some unique ways of wearing your poola jada from these amazing ladies who absolutely nailed it on their important ceremonies .They are so good that we would definitely want you to try them.Whats more? They are easy to do and you would just need as much time as your regular hairstyle.

Gaps between Jada Billalu: Firstly this darling young girl, who definitely know what style is. She chose the regular rose and jasmine poola Jada, but without covering her entire plait she ensured that there is a visible length of hair between Jada billa.Also this cute Lil Lady opted for a fish bone braid, which visibly looked sophisticated and beautiful.


PC: Pixpre

Gold Jada : For those brides who own a?Bangaru Jada?or?Gold Choti, do not lower your spirits thinking that you have fewer options.Look at this stunning bride, her plait must have been covered with the long Gold Jada, but the majestic 3 layered jasmine and rose veni is hard to miss.Along with that there is a orange colour billa which exactly sits in the gap between the veni and jada.Great choice and well planned. Isn’t it?

varun sandesh wedding

Actress Vithika sheru, Wedding look

Low position venis and Jada billa at Top: Golden Jada is famous and so are Jada billalu too. Jada billalu are more in-style now and you can simply clip them on along the length of your plait. But why would you want them plain.You can highlight your Jada Billalu with rose petals and other flowers just as the bride here did.She opted for flower petals that matched with her zari border.And if you are wondering about who would do it for you, Pelli poola jada is here with all their expertise.You can get them customised to the colour of your choice.


Fish Tail: Sometimes for ceremonies like Engagement and reception, you make an effort to not deck yourself up .Also for ladies who prefer to carry a simple look, this is for you.Here is a young lady, who opted a messy fish tail braid for her engagement and she added a traditional touch with double layer veni, one of golden jasmines , while the other is of rose petals which matched her lehenga perfectly.A huge thumps up for this arrangement.


Beautiful Make-up and Hair arrangement by Sohini Ghanate

Loose Hair: And occasionally you would want let your free and then you want to wear flowers too. Ever been in this situation? Well it is a hard thing , but not anymore. Look at this chic hairstyle sported by a bride for her wedding reception. She let her hair loose, and also she tied the Jada billas to a small section of her loose hair.We are sure that she just set a new trend in bridal hairstyles.


Simple look by Blush Fine Makeup Art

Dried Leaves and Fresh Petals:?If you are someone who thinks Venis are made of different coloured flowers, you must definitely think again . What you see is a Veni made out of a Dried leaves and fresh flowers combination , ficus religiosa to be precise, while we leave the biological name name aside , this veni is definitely a head turner??gajra-veni004_800

Florals for Gold Jada: One more idea if you want to add flowers in between your gold jada, look at the bride who opted for a rose petal borders on either side of the gold jada. This undoubtedly gave her plait and fuller and grand look


Gold Jada Floral arrangement by Edward Make-up

Bangle Jada: When you talk about being creative , this bride took it too a whole new level as she created her own bangle loop Poola jada, she alternately arranged floral jada billa and golden jada billa and all of them enclosed in a bangle loop from top to bottom . W-O-W right ?Bangle poojada by Gayatri vijayawada branch

Usually jada billalu are always below the venis, but what if we change the order ? Don’t panic, here is this gorgeous bride whose plait is arranged with smaller jada billas on the top of her Veni.


Looks like shining stars in the dark sky Floral net jada is in trend, but u can also add a special touch to it . Wrap your plait with jasmines and then wrap around this gold coloured net jada on top.. classy and celestial it is



Pearl veni and Jasmine filling veni arrangement by Tamanna Make-up

So, we hope we helped you with opting some amazing hairstyles with poola jadalu. You can order all your Poola jada, fresh flower jewellery and garlands from Pelli poola jada. With geographic presence all over south India and the Metropolitan cities in India and U.S.A, Pelli poola Jada would be your one stop destination for all your bridal needs.

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