Shimmer-Glitter and Shine by “Smink-Up”

Smink-up:Smink up is one of the top makeup service providers in Hyderabad. Be it a wedding or a fashion show, they have the capability to provide makeup. With team size of 50+ professionals, Smink-up team headed by Naresh is one of the sought after make-up artists for wedding events in Hyderabad and Telangana. Naresh garu started his career as make-up artist for movies and later moved to movie actors real weddings and industrialists weddings. He is the one who did make-up for Movie actorAllari Naresh‘s wife Viroopa garu and Nani‘s wife Anjali garu.


Venkat garu, who handles the HR activities of Smink-up team, conducted an independent contest in Brides essentials facebook page. Winners were promised free traditional make-over. They came up with a solid concept for photoshoot, everything from jewellery to dresses would be sponsored by sponsors.

Photography: Zoticus productions
Couture : Ambara Designer studio
Jewellery: Vijji jewellery.

When they asked for poolajada , garlands and brides essentials for photoshoot, we were more than excited to be a part of the great team. Upcoming actresses Bhanu Priya and Preethi were also included in shoot to up the glam quotient.

Shoot started at 8am and from Pellipoolajada- Suresh of KPHB branch attended the photoshoot and he thoroghly enjoyed the shoot. Though doing photoshoots for Smink-up is not a big deal, they did not leave a single stone un-turned to make the winners of the contest feel special. They preferred natural make-up for the winners, and elevated the natural beauty of these girls. After the make-up was done Keerthi and Nusrath were awe-struck by the looks.

Here are some pictures of shoot:

Vijji garu invited Smink-up team to visit her shop and check the collection, She gave full freedom to select the best jewellery from the store. Jewellery was one of the highlight of this photoshoot




weddingflowerjadai_sminkup6-001Models were in all-praise for Deepthi garu of Ambara Designer studio. Lehengas were so chic, that booking for one of the lehenga was done immediately by a model

Special thanks to Zoticus wedding photography: Poolajada Picture clicked by Sri garu on Kanchipattu saree , turned out so good, we included that photo in most of our promotions. Thanks to Sri garu and Aditya garu.



We personally loved being a part of great team, made new friends, shared our ideas and end of the day, we all left with a happy face. Edited Pictures were given quickly in a day by Zoticus team, and here is a small video to get a sneak peak into the photoshoot